Poster for arena tour in Japan 2011

Today the Poster for arena tour in Japan 2011 is out.

Besides, the news was announced that the amount of money for this stage props was about 3.5 billion won!!!! Because the hall is so huge that JKS will use them such as the lift and wires to approach eels nearer. And we’ll listen to songs included in LoungeH album plus his 2 new songs!!!! 🙂 Needless to say, our first listening to “Let me cry!!!!!”

Today I received the ticket. As the privilege of FC member pre-order ticket, I received the special ticket holder case.

And you can see the number and the name were printed on it. So strict rule to get his premium ticket.
I’m gonna attend 25 and 26 October. Can’t wait!!!

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  1. WOW.. Kaori-chan, I really like the ticket.. it is so beautiful & that is already a great souvenir for his show! By the way, how much is the ticket as I can’t see clearly…

    • The price is 9,900 yen. I think the price is much higher than other countries, but it is usual in Japan, not only for JKS but for other artists.

      • Kaori-chan, actually the price is very reasonable as it is about the same I paid for Sukkie’s Cri-show in S’pore & I must say Sukkie’s FM ticket is less expensive as compared to some other artiste which I have attended before but his LIVE performance is the best I have seen so far as he is so versatile, with great voice & with great stage presence & humor! ^_^ When he first sings “Let Me Cry” in S’pore, I’m super touched as that is from his first album & really great to hear LIVE from him!

      • Oh I mistyped… the price is 9,800 yen. I don’t think the price is too expensive because he always tries to surpass our expectations 😉

    • Miracle, where are you from? 1 year ago, I also feel envy whenever I see Sukkie 2010 Asia tour FM vids.. I make it a point then that I must attend his FM when he ever come again to S’pore as I miss his 2010 FM.. so don’t envy as I believe sometime down the road.. you can tell the same to another eel fans ^_^

    • Same here. Regardless of being able to go to the show or not, I’ll just be happy to have a ticket because it looks so nice. Just thinking about the slim chances I have of attending a JKS event makes me feel so bad. 🙁

  2. Ah.. so lucky! I wish I could go to one of his performances but I’m in the US. One of these days though. But that price doesn’t seem bad ($130 USD right?). But from what I’ve been reading it will be well worth it because he is putting so much effort into making it a memorable experience.

    If I hadn’t put so much time and planning (as well as money) into my upcoming vacation to California in a few weeks I would have planned a trip to Asia instead but who knew a year ago how much my life would change. LOL

      • I think Iron_Orchid is talking about the Tokyo Dome show that was added for Nov 26. Have tickets gone on sale yet for that show?

      • Hi Iron, you mean his additional Arena tour at Tokyo Dome?
        The ticket hasn’t been sold yet. I’m out now, so later I’ll post the information about it as a new thread. Wait for a while.

        Thanks Andrea!

  3. omo,,tenshi you are so lucky..I wish to see Sukkie in a concert like that.I hope Prince will also consider having a FM in Philippines..I guess we must exert more effort,,sigh..I am also hoping that Prince is also aware that he has Filipino Eel’s..nevertheless,I am happy for you and to other Japanese eels…^_^

  4. Kaori-chan, u get all the best items ……since you are from Japan
    OMG, the special ticket holder case is so special ….. I want it ^^

  5. Dear,QQeyes! I’m from Central Asia. I don’t think that Sukkie will come here. He isn’t popular in my country, sometimes it seems that i’m the only person who knows him here…
    But i don’t give up, one day i’ll definitely visit Korea to meet our beloved Sukkie! I hope that day will come soon (untill i get married)!!!


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