13 thoughts on “Recording session of YMP song”

  1. aphrael, really Thanks to post this as it is so cute!!! ^_^ like you say, it makes me smiles seeing this vid.. I think Sukkie is playing a much naughty & mischievous pet as compared to the “Kimi Wa Petto” drama version I saw last year.. oh dear, he even ties the hair of his master to the bed which I did see this in the drama version.. I saw an interview on YMP that Sukkie mentioned that this pet role can be played by other actors but for him, he feels comfortable playing this role because it is closed to his playful personality & I totally agree.. even KHN said that Sukkie fits this role perfectly! and I saw a recent survey in Korea that Sukkie is voted the #1 pet to have as he got > 50% votes!!! LOL

      • Farina, I was out for two days, so I didn’t know what happened to you till now… I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m a little relieved that you gonna step forward now little by little. JKS and eels here will be your consolation.

  2. Really cute! Even my son keep on asking me to play it over and over again as he dances to this fun music! KHN and JKS really look good as a couple…


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