[06.10.2011] JKS at Hublot charity auction press conference

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Popular Korean actor Jang Keun Suk and model Ai Tominaga attended Hublot’s charity performance press conference on 6 Oct 2011.

When asked about girlfriend, JKS said, “I like many people, but only one can be a girlfriend….recently I’ve been filming on the set, it’s very hard to be in love.” A female reporter who didn’t give up asked about his ideal type. In the face of such pressing questions, JKS said, “Wait, wait a while! What girl I like has nothing to do with age, compatibility of character is more important. I like feminine girls. Don’t men like coquettish girls? I like this type.” JKS also reveals that he likes girls with classical demeanour, for example Yamato Nadeshiko. As for his ideal date venue, JKS said, “Strolling together in the park, slowly getting to know one another.”

Despite his intense popularity in Japan and busy schedule flying between countries, he also has his childish side. When wearing a limited edition watch for auction, he could not hide his excitement and said, “Ah ah, too dashing! I have four Hublot watches and discussed with the fashion consultant which one matches my style.”

The media asked to whom he would give the watch if he made a successful bid for it during the auction, he cleverly clarified, “Usually I cannot buy too expensive stuff. If I have to give the watch away as a gift, because I don’t have a girlfriend, I will give it to my mother.” A demonstration of his filial nature.

At the press conference, the official watch for “2011 FIA F1 World Cup Champion Series 15th Battle – Japan Grand Prix” was revealed – the “King Power F1 Suzuka” (named after the Japanese representative and using the main red and white colours of the flag). This watch is a limited edition; the “0/250” watch was up for auction and the entire proceeds would go to the Kids Earth Fund (KEF). The ambassador is famed model Ai Tominaga who is involved in a lot of charity work.

Same as Ai Tominaga, JKS has also been much involved in charity work, and encouraged the children in the earthquake disaster zone by saying, “I received love from many Japanese, doing charity work is just a little expression of my thankfulness. Hope that the children who suffered from the earthquake will not give up hope. If one harbours a dream, it is possible to change one’s life and perspective of the world.”

A reporter chipped in a question to ask what JKS’ dream was, and his bold reply “To become an international Prince” generated laughter from the crowd.

This charity sale will be held from 7 Oct to 23 Oct,and end with a final auction in early November.



这次的发布会披露的是即将在7日开战的“2011 FIA F1世界冠军系列赛第15战 日本grand prix”指定的官方手表“King Power F1 Suzuka”(以日本代表队“铃鹿”的名字冠名,国旗的红白作为主色调)。全世界只限定生产只,并拿出“0/250”进行拍卖,全部收益捐给“孩子地球基金(KIDS EARTH FUND(以下简称‘KEF’)”。 Ambassador则由致力于多种慈善事业的名模富永爱担任。




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  1. After reading JKS’s replies to “ideal type girl” now i’m thinking about his future wife. Who’s that lucky girl who will get the status of Mrs.Jang??? I know it’s early for him to marry but I really wanna see him to be paired up, i wanna ‘witness’ him falling in love with the girl of his dream!!! Huh… I’m becoming so romantic!…

  2. Gosh!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE his looks here!! 🙂
    Our dear prince is looking extremely dashing & stylish here!!!
    OH MY! OH MY! I am crazily in love with this look now!! :p
    I think this image look like HTK right?

  3. Wow! I just finished watching the video, is JKS doing the interview at the last part in full Japanese? He’s so fluent in Jap! 🙂

  4. He looks so goood and he speaks so well and so dignified and fun at the same time. Even though I couldn’t understand the video it was fun to watch. The only pictures I don’t like are the cheesy smile ones LOL cause I like his natural smile more but he still looks good in those!

  5. Omo….love love this look!! Soooo handsome. It seems like our Prince is a time traveler now… he seems to be everywhere, in different places in such a short time frame.

    • I totally agree with you! But actually he doesn’t have a special device like a time machine, so it must be very tough for him even if he is young… 🙁 Fighting, Sukkie! People all over the world want to see you and you make them happy! 🙂

    • At least he managed to fit in quite a few things in one trip. Although if you check his latest tweets (around 8:30 am 10/7 Korea time) you will see that there has been side effects to his schedule.

    • agree, somehow i can’t imagine how he manages his time..it’s like, in the morning – school; then lunch; then go to the salon in the afternoon or fetch suni in the pet school; then shooting or fly to Japan for a press con. whew!

      btw..mind if i ask?…

      ..does anybody know the start of the Busan Int’l Film Festival later?..or any channel that will air at least the red carpet part live?

      thanks, thanks!

  6. again…this man shouldn’t be allowed to wonder …. he’ll cause a massive “LOVE” ATTACK” …… damn gorgeous….

    • She’s not that tall , it’s only the HUGE high heels she’s wearing. … whose looking her way anyway? lol!
      I love how he looks here and his outfit so dashing!

    • Farina, do you know her? I think she is the only and most famous super model in Japan. As you said, she is probably taller than he and her figure is too perfect (small face and long legs, not likely an ordinary Japanese woman), but I’m happy that she was chosen as Sukkie’s co-star. Because she is a really international person and to work with her not only on the stage but behind the stage gave him some stimulation, I think. (On the other hand, AKB is a mere idol group…) He’s stepping into becoming the king of the world steadily. Fighting, Sukkie! 🙂

      • I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Sorry for my ignorance. I don’t know any Asian icon because JKS was the first Asian celebrity I had known and now because of him I’m getting to know more.
        sorry if I offended anyone. it was not my intention.

    • Plus, the article mentions she is the ambassador for the particular charity that this auction is benefitting. I thought they looked nice together although I really didn’t notice her especially when he is in the pictures.

      • Nope, I don’t know her at all…. I didn’t mean to look down on her but I thought a shorter model (or at least get her to wear lower heels) wld hv complimented him better. The first impact when I saw them together was to notice their height.

  7. Poor boy, he must be so tired. His schedule is really crazy. I hope he will not get depression again.

    I know the model is quite tall and very famous. I heard around 179cm. So after wearing the heels, she made him seems short. I don’t think they can change the model since i heard she is the official ambassador.

    Love his hair tied like this. I think he seems to have gain some weight ^^

  8. I would be more happier if the Girl he will end up to is Park Shin Hye,I think Park is a very simple lady and I want prince to end up with a simple girl with good qualities inside & out…I loved the X pose with V sign on the other hand..


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