[article] Netflix’s New Variety Show ‘The Influencer’ Gets August Release Date and New Trailer

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Netflix has confirmed the August release date for its new variety show, The Influencer, and unveiled an exciting new teaser trailer.

The Influencer is a social survival show where 77 influencers in Korea compete to determine who has the utmost influence on social media.

The program is co-directed by producer Lee Jae Seok of My Little Television and Change Days and producer Son Soo Jung of Girls Reverse. It is produced by Kakao Entertainment, which has produced various genres of variety shows such as Zombieverse and Comedy Royale.

The newly released teaser trailer is packed with excitement. Big-name influencers like Jang Keun Suk, RISABAE, Pani Bottle, Jin Yong Jin, Shin Euddeum, and Great Library, as well as TikToker SIA JIWOO, who has 27.5 million followers, are thrown into a cutthroat competition. The teaser hints at crazy challenges and intense competition between the 77 contestants, all fighting to become the ultimate influencer with the most social power.

The production team said, “We thought it would be fun to put influencers in various areas in one place. You can see all the hottest influencers in Korea right in this program.” They added, “The battles between influencers with diverse content and personalities are the key takeaways of The Influencer. You will be able to feel the thrill and freshness of a social survival show that has never been seen before through the huge scale, gorgeous visuals, and social survival that can only be seen on Netflix.”

The Influencer will be released exclusively on Netflix on August 6th.

Source: Netflix

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