[2023-09-18] CRI-J Twitter

Actor Jang! Happy birthday (birthday on August 4th of the lunar calendar)!!
The 2023 Sharing Photo Exhibition ends at 3pm today.
Thank you to all the eels who donated through ticket purchases, those who donated through organizations, and those who attended!
(Receipt of fan art and winning picture frames begins at 3pm!)

[2023 11th Sharing Photo Exhibition]
All photo exhibitions have been completed.
On Saturday, September 23rd, a donation ceremony for the Sharing Photo Exhibition will be held at Namsanwon.
We ask for your attendance.
Once again, we would like to thank the eels who participated in donating!
Thank you!

[2023제11회 나눔 사진전]
사진전 모두 마무리 했습니다.
9월23일 토요일에 남산원에서 나눔사진전 기부금 전달식이 진행됩니다.
많은 참석 부탁드리며,
다시한번 기부에 참여해주신 장어님들께 감사인사드립니다!

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