[article] ‘Decoy’ to Release Part 2 in April

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Photo credit: Coupang Play

Decoy dropped a special poster and new stills for the fans waiting dearly for part 2.

The Coupang Play series Decoy is about revealing the truth behind old unsolved cases through vicious current cases eight years after a notorious fraudster.

The new special poster catches the eye with the phrase “Who’ll be the next decoy?” with Noh Sang Cheon (Heo Sung Tae), the absolute evil in the series, looking down at Gu Do Han (Jang Keun Suk). This composition gives a glimpse into Gu Do Han’s struggle to find a link between the mysterious murder cases taking place at the present time and the fraud case in the past.

Moreover, there are Song Young Jin (Park Myung Hoon) and Jung So Ram (Oh Yeon Ah), the two people Noh Hang Cheon abandoned, Kang Jong Hoon (Lee Sung Wook), who got promoted to the deputy police chief after failing to arrest Noh Sang Cheon, and Chun Na Yeon (Lee Elijah), who joined hands with Gu Do Han to uncover the truth. Lastly, you see Noh Sang Cheon dead inside a coffin in the lower left of the poster – the scene in episode 1, raising curiosity.
The new stills show a glimpse into the thrilling story to continue onto part 2.

Meanwhile, the Coupang users spiked up 70% after episodes 3 and 4 of Decoy got released. The show is streamed in 186 countries and recorded a rating of 9.4 on Rakuten Viki. Part 2 will be released on April 7th.

Source: Coupang Play

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