[interview] 100 Q & A (“Men’s Non-no” September 2011)

Special thanks to tenshi_akuma for English translation!

Q1) Did you know our magazine “Men’s non-no”?
A1) Of course! I’ve read it since when I was in the first year of junior high school. Since then, I’ve started to think how to dress well by myself. I learned a lot from “Men’s non-no.”

Q2) What made you interested in fashion?
A2) I think it’s because of my personality. I don’t like wearing ordinary and conservative clothes.

Q3) What item did you first buy?
A3) I bought a secondhand T-shirt.

Q4) Do you like secondhand clothes?
A4) Yes. I often go shopping at secondhand clothes shop in Japan.

Q5) When you found the clothes you want to buy, do you buy it at once or after careful deliberation?
A5) If the price is low, I’ll buy it instantly. But after deep consideration whether it suits me or not, I sometimes don’t buy it eventually. What I feel at that time is important even for shopping.

Q6) What is the latest item did you buy?
A6) I wonder what it was… When I visited Japan, I bought a lot… Oh, I remembered it was a pair of white boots bought at Omote-sando Hills.

Q7) Where do you often go shopping in Japan?
A7) Isetan Department Store at Shinjuku and Harajuku area! There are so many items of my taste.

Q8) What is your favorite fashion item you often put on?
A8) Scarf and stole.

Q9) How many of them do you have?
A9) About 100.

Q10) What kind of design do you have them most?
A10) Many kinds. Some are given by my fans.

Q11) Where did you buy that scarf designed with the Stars and Stripes (which JKS wear on the shooting day)?
A11) I bought it at a shop in Harajuku. It was displayed with a female mannequin. I liked it at first sight.

Q12) Do you wear the clothes for women?
A12) Sometimes. I wear whatever fits me.

Q13) Do you put on fragrance?
A13) Yes.

Q14) What kind of fragrance do you use?
A14) I use vanilla-scented fragrance mist regularly (tenshi_akuma’s note: As all you know, it’s a “warm vanilla sugar Fragrance Mist” by Bath & Body Works).

Q15) How many pairs of jeans do you have?
A15) About 30 pairs.

Q16) How many pairs of shoes do you have?
A16) About 50 pairs.

Q17) Which do you prefer, sneakers or shoes or boots?
A17) I prefer boots, but in summer I like this kind of sandal (which JKS put on the shooting day). It’s easy to wear.

Q18) How many hats do you have?
A18) I don’t have many. I don’t wear hats.

Q19) Do you wear watches?
A19) I didn’t wear them before, but recently I’ve begun to collect them.

Q20) Which brand do you have?
A20) One is “Bell & Ross.” I have four watches now.

Q21) Do you like bringing bags or not?
A21) I like bags!

Q22) What kind of bag do you like?
A22) I like big ones.

Q23) How many bags do you have?
A23) About 20. All of them are big.

Q24) What item do you always bring in your bag?
A24) iPod, iPad, GALAXY, fragrance, and book.

Q25) Do you read novels?
A25) Yes. I read them during the flight.

Q26) Do you like bringing pouches or not?
A26) I don’t have any.

Q27) Which brand do you like?
A27) PRADA, DRIES VAN NOTEN, NEIL BARRETT… Oh! I like Alexander Mcqueen best. I love RICK OWENS and BURBERRY PRORSUM! Their items fit me.

Q28) Wow, you’re really a fashion buff, aren’t you?
A28) Actually I don’t choose my clothes by the brand-name, but after choosing my favorite ones I found that which brand they were by their tags.

Q29) What kind of clothes do you dislike?
A29) I don’t like baggy styles.

Q30) What is your most precious clothes now?
A30) All of my clothes are precious for me^^

Q31) What is your most failed item that you’ve ever bought?
A31) A pair of baggy pants.

Q32) How do you treat clothes you don’t wear any more?
A32) They are stuffed into the closet…

Q33) What helps you to be a good dresser?
A33) I often read fashion magazines.

Q34) What is the most important factor to chose your clothes?
A34) Whether it fits me or not.

Q35) What is your favorite kind of style?
A35) I like wearing shirts.

Q36) Which color of shirts do you have most?
A36) White and black… and pink!

Q37) What kind of style do you want to try?
A37) Chic and modern style.

Q38) What is your standard item of your wardrobe?
A38) Scarf and stole.

Q39) On the contrary, what is your least standard item?
A39) The ones with horizontal or vertical stripes.

Q40) Why?
A40) I don’t know why. I just don’t like that kind of design since my childhood.

Q41) Do you wear checked clothes?
A41) Yes.

Q42) How about flower patterns?
A42) Well…, it’s OK.

Q43) How about polka-dot ones?
A43) Sometimes.

Q44) What is your standard color of your wardrobe?
A44) Beige and white and black!

Q45) When is your happiest time?
A45) When I’m acting.

Q46) What is the first thing you do every morning?
A46) I wash my face and drink a glass of orange juice.

Q47) What do you always do before going to bed?
A47) I go to bed while listening to music.

Q48) Which part of your body do you like best?
A48) Bone of the pelvis. Because my fans say to me it’s sexy…^^

Q49) Is there anything special you do to keep you healthy?
A49) I eat onions and drink extract of gensing, a kind of carrot.

Q50) What do you usually do for a change?
A50) I do shuffle dance. I’ve been really into this dance.

Q51) What have you eaten since this morning?
A51) Water, a piece of snack and buckwheat noodle.

Q52) What do you want to eat at this moment?
A52) Meat!

Q53) Do you like sweets?
A53) No, I don’t have a sweet tooth.

Q54) What is that you never want to give up at any cost?
A54) Self-management.

Q55) What is that you never fail to do every day?
A55) Searching for articles on the Internet.

Q56) What kind of person is that you can’t get along well with?
A56) Kind of calculating and closed-minded person.

Q57) What is your secret of lovely smile?
A57) I look the other person straight in the eye and smile.

Q58) What is that you’ve decided you never do?
A58) l never tell lies to cover up another lie.

Q59) What is the most tasty food you’ve eaten recently?
Q59) Kimuchi jjigae, a kind of Korean stew, which I ate about a month ago. When I appeared on Bistro SMAP, Mr. Kimura and Mr. Katori cooked it for me.

Q60) How do you like having appeared on SMAPxSMAP?
A60) We had a lot of fun at SMAPxSMAP^^ But to tell the truth, I was nervous because I’ve learned Japanese through watching this program since my childhood and needless to say, they are superstar.

Q61) What absorbs you to forget the passing of time?
A61) I sometimes lose track of time when I set my mind to something on my work.

Q62) What is the bloodiest incident in your life until now?
A62) It happened when I was in the second grade in junior high school. I robbed my friend of his lunchbox and ate it… LOL.

Q63) What is you special talent you think you have the confidence that you would be the second to none?
A63) I’m sure I can do shuffle dance longer than anyone else. Because I’m absorbed in it these days… LOL.

Q64) Do you like Japanese food?
A64) I love it! I like sashimi and blowfish! About sashimi, I prefer tuna.

Q65) What is your favorite food in the world?
A65) My grandma’s Gejang, a kind of Korean crab food soaked in soy sauce.

Q66) Do you have anything you can never eat?
A66) No, nothing in particular.

Q67) What food do you eat out frequently?
A67) Sundae soup, a kind of Korean sausage soup.

Q68) What food do you eat most frequently in a year?
A68) Sunde soup and Kimchi chige.

Q69) Have you ever gone on a diet?
A69) I’m going on a diet all year round. LOL. I’m dieting now because I play the role of ballet dancer at “You’re my pet” I’m shooting for.

Q70) What kind of website do you bookmark?
A70) Sites related to JKS. LOL.

Q71) Most of the Korean actors and artists have short hair, but you have long hair instead. I think it’s rare. What do you think about it?
A71) I usually change my hairstyle to fit the character I play, but I think long hair is more useful to enjoy various fashion and style.

Q72) Where do you want to live in the future?
A72) A quiet villa.

Q73) What is the most impossible thing to lose?
A73) My cell phone.

Q74) What is your habit you can’t quit?
A74) I can’t quit searching for articles on the Internet.

Q75) How long do you sleep on average?
A75) 3 or 4 hours sleep a day.

Q76) Have you ever seen UFO?
A76) Never. Have you?

Q77) About female fashion, which do you prefer, miniskirt or shorts or sexy dress?
A77) I like feminine style, but it’s OK if whatever looks great on her.

Q78) What kind of female gesture makes your heart beat fast?
A78) When I found caring gesture within her.

Q79) What is your latest failure story?
A79) It happened at my Asia tour in Taiwan. I slipped and fell on the stage, but I pretended it as a performance and continued to sing sitting there. LOL.

Q80) What is your treasure?
A80) Suni ^^

Q81) What is it?
A81) It’s my pet dog.

Q82) What is your words to live by?
A82) “Sincerity will get across to everyone eventually.”

Q83) What do you want most except clothes at this moment?
A83) Vacation.

Q84) What is the most difficult to overcome or forgive?
A84) I can’t suffer the situation that people misunderstand my behavior despite my intentions.

Q85) What are you proud of in yourself?
A85) Shuffle dance? ^^

Q86) How do you cheer up yourself?
A86) I do shuffle dance. I’m really into it these days. LOL.

Q87) What do you advise our readers what to do by the age of 20 as a 24 year-old senior?
A87) It’ll be great to set your own dream.

Q88) Did you cry recently?
A88) When I read the comment about my article posted by my fans, I was moved to tears about their love…

Q89) On the other hand, what made you smile big recently?
A89) When I went to Japan in June, I was so happy to feel how much I was loved by Japanese fans. I don’t know why but I burst into laughter in my joy. It was my first visit Japan in a while, but there were so many fans supporting me. I really appreciated it.

Q90) What made you surprised most?
A90) When I went to Harajuku, I was surprised that many people were approaching me. It never happened several months ago.

Q91) Do you like cars?
A91) I love cars! Especially I like driving at night. When I drive, I get relief from stress. I drive alone while listening to music.

Q92) Only listening? Not singing to music?
A92) I often sing while driving.

Q93) What kind of song?
A93) My song! LOL.

Q94) What do you want as a new pet?
A94) Honestly my love is only towards Suni, so now I just want to keep Suni only.

Q95) What is the worst experience you don’t want to have again?
A95) I don’t want to perform more than two roles at the same time. Because it was very hard to concentrate on each role.

Q96) Where do you recommend our readers to visit Seoul for shopping?
A96) Garosu-gil.

Q97) What food do you recommend us to eat in Seoul?
A97) Gejang. There are many good restaurant about Gejang in Garosu-gil.

Q98) Where is the best-kept secret spot in Seoul?
A98) Insadong. We can see Korean original goods there.

Q99) What is your today’s plan after this shooting?
A99) I’m gonna be back home and sleep. It is the first time in a week. I’ve been so busy filming these days that I’ve slept at my office.

Q100) What do you plan to do tomorrow?
A100) I’m filming at 9 in the morning.

Q101) Finally, I’d like to ask you today’s feedback.
A101) I’ve enjoyed shooting my new style of JKS. I really appreciate to be selected as a cover model of “Men’s non-no.”

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  1. Thanks tenshi-chan for translation. Very much appreciate your dedication. I super love the answer โ€œsincerity will get across to everyone eventually.โ€ It speaks volume and totally describes who JKS is. Sincerity is one of the characteristics that make all us Eels mero-mero over him, and most of important of all, always love and loyal only to him. Itโ€™s a wonder to me how come Sukkie always answered every questions on all the interviews I read with confident and ease either that answers would be funny or serious ones. No doubt, our Sukkie is one of the smartest young men of his generation.

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