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  1. wow… nice adv…but i can’t help it..i have my eyes fixed on sukkie when i watch it..so sorry for those girls…but hey..the girls were cute though…

  2. Chica, actually that is the most unique characteristics of Sukkie as he just fit so well in every role he is in be in CF, drama/movie or MVs and it seems he has become & also create the new character (totally disconnect from himself in real life as well as any previous character he played before).. I find he is the only actor of his generation who can do this…. that is why I become his eel since ^_^ Another good actor who can transform is his senior (main lead) from BV drama which I quite admire too.. no wonder Sukkie is very respectful of this senior actor.. but of course, in terms of age & flexibility (playing different young/cute/matured/manga-like/idol/historical/psycho roles etc..), I personally find Sukkie the one & only so far….

    • another song from “Happy Life”.. his voice is very rock & husky here compared with his voice singing “Let Me Cry” or “Gotta Gecha” or “Just Drag”, all totally different from the ballads or pop songs he sang in YAB or MMM… besides versatile look/acting, his voice is amazingly versatile too as singer…. I also can’t find another one like him yet ^_^

  3. QQeyes, Thanks for all the vids & links
    Can I give you a new name?? Hope no offence ….

    *YouTube Queen*, you are my Youtube provider hahaha

    • LOL, Carol, heeee, glad you like the vids but I didn’t do much only sharing what I see.. actually there are many Youtube Queens here in this blog ^_^
      Actually you know I don’t use Youtube/FaceBook/Twitter/Weibo before I saw a teaser on YAB on cable TV.. it all started because of Sukkie early last year ^_^ I have watched so many dramas from Korea & other countries like HK/TW/Japan, but normally I don’t bother to find out more about any artiste, he is the only exception & I guess it is FATE as I happen to turn to the cable channel & saw the teaser.. if not, I don’t think I knew him at all as Sukkie’s popular dramas (YAB/MMM) are never shown on S’pore TV (free) but only HGD which was shown after 10pm (off peak) & worst still, that terrible Chinese dubbing voice really makes the mainly Prince Changhui sounds like eunuch!!! Gosh, I didn’t know Sukkie then but the main lead.. but somehow, when I watch HGD, I look forward to see the part of Prince ChangHui as the young actor I never seen before acted so well & I’m very impressed… (and I didn’t know he actually has a great mainly voice ^_^)

      • Thank you QQeyes for the videos! He is quite remarkable. I really love the husky, sexy rock voice he has in Happy Life. For some reason the rock genre suits him really well.

        Off topic, I read somewhere that T.O.P was the first pick of some movie and he couldn’t do, so they took Sukkie instead. Is this true and what movie is it? Anybody know?

      • Hi, chica from boston. Yeah, I read at some sites saying that T.O.P was the first pick for Love Rain (JKS’s upcoming drama) but at some sites, it is said that JKS is the Director’s choice from the beginning and the Director even pushed back the airing time to be able to match JKS’s schedules. Don’t know which one is correct though.

      • Tam, what I know is the director has wanted Sukkie from the beginning but due to Sukkie’s busy schedule (e.g. Cri-show 2011), they may have look for alternative in between but in the end, it goes back to Sukkie as the director pushed back the filming schedule to accomodate Sukkie’s schedule. I believe some articles with unreliable source may not see the whole picture & reported half the stories ^_^

  4. Personally I think TOP is a terrible actor (sorry to any fans of him, but he really is). I’m just glad that Sukkie have the role of a lifetime.

  5. Let me share with eels here some recent upload of Sukkie’s BTS in “Baby & I”, these are also my first time to view in Youtube as I believe most are uploaded in China’s Youku first before uploaded in Youtube… there is Chinese sub but I will summarised each part as it goes..
    The first vid here mentioned about the casting of roles & the director/script writer mentioned they have studied the trend in teens in Korea.. Sukkie’s role as a problematic teen requires him to act cool most of the time with occasional comical expressions.

    • 2nd part of the BTS of “Baby & I”.. the director & leading actress mentioned their good feeling of participating in this movie & also it is a movie which they wanted to do well without feeling regret.. the leading actress mentioned also she has a wonderful experience working with all production crew & also she felt pity/regret that she may not be able to be involved in similar kind of movie in future (P/S just my own interpretation –> both director & leading actress may mean the unusual kind of cast combination & also teens’ role may be no longer be suitable for the actress in future..)

      • The last part of this BTS.. the director talks about the casting of Sukkie & the lead actress is perfect & he would like to give 100 to these cast combination. Also he touches on Sukkie’s role expectation (handsome, cool, strong & able to fight). Lead actress also praises Sukkie as she can see in this young man his ability & talents & potential as an great actor also.. though she is 1 year older than him, she learnt a lot from him..
        She mentioned Sukkie is very cool & direct/honest person and also joked that Sukkie also calls her by her name during the film production but after the movie, he addressed her with “Noona” ^_^ (playful boy!) In the end, she praises Sukkie for being able to bring joy to all production crew & is a charming man (physical as well as inner charm).. sometimes she feels that he looks like elder brother and sometimes like a friend

    • TQ QQeyes……. Baby & Me is my 2nd favourite after YAB !
      I love Sukkie’s style & look ……..really electricfying me 🙂 especially the part when he took out his bike helmet in front of the school & asked the ahjushi for valet hahahaha
      Mason also a cute baby !!!

      • Carol, you’re welcome.. Sukkie & Baby Mason sure looks cute as daddy & son as I find they look alike except the size ^_^
        Oh yes, also to add in one part which I missed out in the translation for vid1, the director mentioned also as Sukkie was also filming concurrently another drama at the point of the Baby & I filming, so they have to fit into the schedule of Sukkie & also baby Mason can’t film after late hours (normal for baby as it is sleeping time..), so for the filming, they have to schedule a few more scenes a day whenever Sukkie is available.
        I remember in 2008, Sukkie filmed 2 dramas & 2 movies in the same year.. the drama which he filmed concurrently with Baby & I should be Hong Gil Dong.. Gosh! I wonder how he managed that.. So far, I think he is the only Korean artiste who do so many things concurrently..

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