17 thoughts on “[Fan Account] tenshi_akuma’s long-awaited dream has finally come true… “We met again””

  1. Hi Tenshi,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Although you were far away, I could feel there with you and feel the same emotion of seeing him on stage again. I just hope that life gives me the opportunity to go see him.
    Thank you . Greetings from México ❤️

  2. glad to read you FA again and really I was moved by those description of yours about our AP, such a long wait is over and solely I felt like crying while I was reading his letter to his eels, deeply moved ,deeply touched by his authenticity as a person, still the same AP that we have known for a long time, though more matured , more serious well I do not care for whatever changes that transpired in him because I really cared for him and really miss him , this FA of yours really gives me a strong sense of bond between eels and our AP, thank you very much, looking forward for more FA to come, hope you will not change your heart even a bit for our sukkie , love him more forever

  3. Thank you so much Tenshi…
    I really love your FA..so thorough and deep. You have shared the mood, your feelings and that of boss really well. While reading it felt like I was there with you and all the others.. getting teared up while reading, feeling the emotions of boss and eels. His letters are wonderful and I had to cry with his third letter..
    ” Why does it become like this?
    Even if I know it’s no use complaining,
    all I can do now is be alone at home,
    waiting for this to come to an end soon”….it felt so incredible long, demoralizing and hopeless
    Thank God we are all back to life… WE ARE BACK!

  4. Tenshi,
    Thank you for sharing this very personal experience with all of us. I was watching from America and I do not understand Japanese; yet I was moved by the emotion I saw in the venue. You could see he was so touched by the love there. Thank you, especially for translating his letter. Eels worldwide are very grateful. You’re the best. 💝

      • Thank you Any. Tenshi and her beautiful website here are a treasure to all of us Eels — especially those of us that rely on her translations. And also just the archive of information on 👑. Phenomenal resource on our beloved Prince and Team H too❤️

  5. I’ve missed fan accounts so much, and yours was wonderful, Tenshi! I did watch the fan meeting with my laptop connected to my TV – at 5am in the morning where I live :). Of course, I didn’t understand what he was saying, but the emotion on his face when he first saw the huge audience was something I’ll never forget. And when he sang ‘Star’, my heart melted a little… I can’t think of any other situation where I’d sit for two hours, watching someone without understanding what was being said, and not caring one little bit that I didn’t understand the language. Thanks so much for your FA and for your website – and for the translation of his letter! And thanks for so faithfully keeping us informed about his activities for so many years!! You have all of our hearts – and our huge thanks!!

  6. Thank you Tenshi! Your translation of the letter really helps to convey the message. I watched online for 2 hours too without understanding the language.. but the emotion on his face and everyone’s face was so previous.. thank you once again for making us understand a little bit more about the world of eels 🙂 Can’t wait for his comeback drama!


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