[Notice] JANG KEUN SUK Official Fan Club Cri J 2022 13th regular membership recruitment

UPDATED: The membership registration period is extended until next Tuesday (November 23rd 24:00).

Original source: Princejks.com-NOTICE

Please go to Princejks.com for the application.

* After the registration, you can check your membership application status on MY PAGE.
princejks.com > LOG IN > MY PAGE
* There are times when authentication emails are classified as junk. Please check the junk mail box, too.

25 thoughts on “[Notice] JANG KEUN SUK Official Fan Club Cri J 2022 13th regular membership recruitment”

  1. Hi. I have tried several times to renew my membership on my page, but it continuously send me the message: Only Korean, English, and numbers can be entered without spaces.
    I suppose it refers to my password.
    Does anyone know what should I do?
    Please, help me.

    • Hi! Have you managed to do it? Try to change something. Don’t use capital letters in your password. I remember that I had a problem with that before. It could be your nickname or your address too. Some eels had to delete their phone number and write it again to complete the registration. Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks Zoe!!! Finally I did it 🙂🙂🙂
        There were some technical problems with the system, but I tried today and the first try was the successful one.

  2. Tenshi, I have an Eel trying to join but she cannot find the “join” area or the application to join. I have looked and only find the log in section. Thank you.

      • As always, thank you dear. Yesterday, “Join” was not there, but it is now. I knew that was where it usually was. I think the website has been “buggy.” Thank you again.

      • Thank you Tenshi. The Join button was missing for a few days, but it was there this morning. I helped the new eel register. Many thanks.

      • Thank you 😍
        I’m loving this eels world, in the past I wasn’t part, mainly because unknowingly. But this time that I’ve come back to JKS I’ll promise to do my best 🥰

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