[2021-10-09] AGcorp_official Twitter

Personal online phone call event
for 100 buyers who consecutively bought both Amagoi & Day by day CDs
ended successfully!

After talking with 50 people,
Actor Jang posted a photo during break time.
“Eels must be wondering how I called winners”

As for love for eels, Actor Jang is the best!!

Amagoi & Day by day
연속 구매자 100명과의 전화통화 이벤트!
무사히 끝났습니다

50명과 통화가 끝나고 브레이크 타임에
찍어둔 사진을 인스타에 올려준 장배우
“어떻게 통화하는지 궁금할거야”라고

역시 장어사랑은 장배우가 최고

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