[2021-09-15] CRI-J Twitter

[Notice of the total amount of 2021 sharing photo exhibition]

The total amount of donation excluding ticket sales is 60,462,172 Korean won (including Actor Jang).
“lranian Fan Club” was omitted from the banner due to a procedural error.
We apologize from the bottom of our heart, and thank you very much to domestic and international eels who donated despite such a difficult situation of COVID-19!!



[2021나눔사진전 단체 총 기부액 알림]
티켓판매를 제외한 단체 총 기부액은 ₩60,462,172입니다.(장배우님 포함)
절차상 착오로 “lranian Fan Club”이 현수막 전시에서 누락되었습니다.
진심으로 사과드리며, 코로나19로 어려운 상황속에서도 기부해주신 국 내외 단체 장어님들 대단히 감사합니다!!

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