[News] JKS’ new single ‘Day by day’ will be distributed online on August 25th in advance of the official release

Original source: UNIVERSAL MUSIC
Jang Keun Suk’s new single album ‘Day by day’ that is scheduled to be released on September 15th will be distributed online on August 25th (Wed) 0:00, in advance of the official release.

To celebrate the advance distribution, LINE MUSIC promotional campaign event is planned.

LINE MUSIC: online streaming campaign
*The campaign period:
from August 25th (Wed) 0:00 till August 31st (Tue) 23:59
*Bonus 1:
All applicants who played more than 500 times will get JKS’ original LINE talk background image (his digital photo).
*Bonus 2:
10 winners who played more than any applicants will be invited online talk event held by Universal Music on September 26th 15:00.
*Where to play:
The link is available from August 25th (Wed) 0:00.
*How to apply:
1) Use LINE MUSIC app to play ‘Day by day’ online as many times as you can. You need to log in the LINE app.
2) Please don’t play the downloaded song, but the streaming one.
3) Check the number of plays from your LINE MUSIC ranking page. You can see it from ‘[Your name]’s TOP 50’. If you can’t see ‘[Your name]’s TOP 50’, that means you haven’t listen more than 20 songs for the latest 3 months. You need to play at least 20 songs to apply this campaign. The ranking is updated once a day.
4) Take a screenshot of ‘[Your name]’s TOP 50’ if you play ‘Day by day’ more than 500 times, and upload it on the application website.

Other advance streaming services
You can listen from here.

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