[News] JKS’ guest appearance in Japanese “You are Beautiful”

Source: Innolife
Jang Keun Suk made a guest appearance in the Japanese version of “You are Beautiful” (YAB).

TBS is making a re-make of YAB which has shot JKS to popularity, and JKS showed his support through his guest appearance.

His first time acting in a Japanese drama, JKS’s lines in Japanese were delivered smoothly and accurately, which showed that he did lots of practice. In the face of long Japanese lines, he did not NG. For scenes that were acceptable, even if the director asked to re-shoot, JKS complied without any words of complaint. His professionalism earned him the respect and admiration of Japanese fellow workers.

The Japanese A.N.Jell members commented that “JKS’ acting skill was really very dashing”, and they had a happy time on the shoot.

JKS did not accept any payment for his guest appearance. He expressed his hope that “the performance fee can be used for the filming of the drama” and declined to accept the performance fee offered by the production team.

JKS will be starring as the male lead in director Yun Seok-ho’s “Love Rain” tentatively scheduled to air in September.

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  1. Awwww….. My original HTK!!! Like like like! 🙂
    I so wanna see this particular episode where JKS is acting!!
    Hope some fans will share & load this episode on web! ;p

  2. I thought Hongki also promised to cameo? Or maybe he will do a separate scene…. It would be swell if all 4 of them can get back together…

    So nice of Sukkie to waive his fee….

    • Hehehee….let create the SUPER love button!! Love..love..love. Our sukkie is so nice and considerate person to waive his appearance fee……knowingly the production team probably needs it more. How can anyone not love this guy~.

  3. Thanks Aphrael.

    Awesome news. Now I have a reason to actually count the minutes until I can watch epi 8 of Ikemen Desu Ne online. I’ve been following it.. but not diligently as I know what happens next.

    With Sukkie in Cameo… i’ll be waiting with a lot pf patience. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I’ve just known the news of his cameo. I don’t watch Japanese YAB, but just because of Sukkie I’ll watch it next week ^^

    • me too…will watch it next week…
      i think, because of sukkie, bigger chances that their acting will be seen by more audiences.

  5. YUp. it’s available in MySujo.com or Dramacrazy.net

    I used these sites if I can’t find one at Viki or Dramafever 🙂

  6. he’s really a nice guy …a handsome prince with a big heart …gonna wait for that episode ..not watching the Japanese version but I will watch ep 8 because of Suk …like Hwang Jin Yi, after the role of Eun Ho (a.k.a. Suk) died, i also stopped watching the drama… hehe

  7. He’s really down to earth superstar, he respect all people around him.That’s one of the reasons why we love him so much right ??

  8. Yes, I got hock with JKS started because of his up front , sincerity , down to earth, his sweet smile, his happy appearance , he really deserve our support and love more and more as days come

  9. he is such a humble superstar who is well respected in entertainment line.. talented,hardworking & professional…at such a young age, he will definitely do well in his career as he respects the seniors & take care of the juniors… really looking forward to see him in this drama ^_^
    Sharing here a vid for Prince & his eels.. produced by one of my favourite Korean eels, love her work.

  10. Yes, Suk is really down to earth, considerate to people around him, and friendly. He brings joy and keep the atmosphere up, that’s why everyone can feel his sincerity, and we all mero mero with him. Not only his co star commented about this, but also the drama production staffs, his managers, his friends, and his neighbour…proud of you suk!!

  11. Psst!
    “Love Rain” will have 20 episodes (TBC), and will start to film at e 3rd week in Sept, until Nov, for those scenes in e 70s~ then in Mar 2012, they will start e scenes of e modern generation… shld be on air ard May 2012 (TBC)…
    [Sukkie Hwaiting hwaiting!!!!!]
    cr:全球中文網 , summary by SS Serene (We are the Mighty Seoul Sisters~million thanks!)

    • Farina, Thanks so much for the news update.. all eels are looking forward to see Sukkie in small screen again ^_^ I heard that this drama will feature 4 seasons & 2 female leads, one for each generation….

      • Pleasure QQ 🙂


        This article was attached, I presume it was summarized as above by SS Serene….I wonder if some kind Korean eel cld translate the article for us; I see a few mentions of ‘OST’s in the text…does it mean Suk will contribute his gorgeous voice again? Is it too early to squeal??

      • The Chinese summary says that the director is inviting music composers to submit their song for the drama OST, and response is very good. As for whether JKS will sing, too early to tell, but i suppose there is a high chance ^^

  12. I happened to come across 1 vid which I’ve seen last year which shows the natural down to earth Sukkie with eels.. through this vid, I also get to know actually Sukkie has many hardcore Korean fans who supported him back home…in fact, I notice there are many recent TV coverage in Korean on Sukkie as mang are also analysing the JKS’s effect & why Sukkie is so popular in Asia & his charms.. very interesting reports but only with Chinese sub.. I will share later with summary. The following vid was taken after Sukkie came back from overseas’ FM in 2010.


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