[25.8.2011] Weibo

Hahahahahahaha it’s too funny. Early morning, I laughed until my stomach hurt. hehehehe
噗哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 太搞笑了 一大早开始肚子都笑痛了 呵呵呵呵
푸하하하핳ㅎ하라 왕웃겨 아침부터 배잡네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Click this link to the animated gif done by a Chinese eel.

9 thoughts on “[25.8.2011] Weibo”

    • Yes, that’s right. so long as you put @[person’s weibo name] in your message, it appears on the addressee’s main page, i think (cos I rarely post anything ^^ )

  1. I think there is meaning for this cute picture by Chinese eels..I guess they mean Jason is 开路 (literally means opening roads) for Sukkie to 进军 (literally means conquer).. and I think referring to greater China market..

    • QQeyes007 , how come Jason opening roads for sukkie using triwheel bicycle?? hahaha…
      that’s too funny, LOL

    • QQeyes, I thot JKS is sitting on the tank chasing after Jason & attacking him …..LOL
      Coz JKS always said Jason is very bad to him , selffish & look like “pig” jokingly


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