[23 Mar 2011] Release of JKS new album!!!

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Most fantastic news ever!!
Jang Keun Suk is releasing his first solo music album on 23 March 2011 in Japan!!
Do I hear screams all across the globe? (Arrrrgh….!)

The album, to be released by Pony Canyon Japan, has 2 editions – the limited edition includes a DVD and the other does not. Now, I can’t read Japanese, but it seems like there will be 3 new songs in this album. And the music producer is the one who produced “My Bus” in “Marry me Mary” OST. They are in the midst of selecting songs, and recording will begin in early February.

On 27 March 2011, JKS will appear at his showcase at Tokyo Big Sight, where attendance is expected to be around 20,000 people.

For now, it seems that the album will be released in Japan first (or only?). I must get hold of the album by hook or by crook!




有日本 Pony Canyon 株式會社所發行的專輯有2個版本 – 普通版和限定版﹐後者多
附贈了 DVD。專輯將有3首新歌﹐而音樂製作人是“瑪麗外宿中”之中“My Bus”原

3月27日﹐小碩將在東京國際展示場 Tokio Big Sight 舉行專輯展示會﹐預計將吸


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  1. I’m very happy about that. It seems he’s following his multiple talents. Aphrael, I’m begging you to keep us informed about the sales. Doesn’t he release it in Korea too? I ‘m interested if he reconciliated with his country . I’m sure in a short time we’ll find the album on YouTube that we, from long distances, to listen to it too. Hope his songs to be as loved as the others. Fighting!

  2. Will definitely blog on the sale details, because i want his album too!!!

    strange that the 1st release of his 1st album is not in Korea, but in Japan….

    by the way, heard that on 24 Jan, there was a pre-order on some Japanese official website (dunno what or where), and the limited edition CD+DVD is sold out!! On the 1st day!! Japanese fans seem to have requested for more limited editions.

    i’m just hoping that it is just part of the quota that’s sold out and not the entire quantity of limited edition that is gone…. all the fans in other countries are all anxiously waiting for news of the sale….

    JKS is really popular. The Taiwanese media has even given him a nickname called “one-day man” (literal translation) because all the tickets to all his previous fan-meetings, be it in China, Taiwan or Japan, all sold out within the 1st day. In fact, not just the 1st day, all was sold out within a few hours…… man, so hard to get a ticket!!

    • Thanks for the info, “One day man” suits him well, heh He seems like a genuinely nice person so i’m happy is career is doing great!

  3. Hi! I know you’re sleeping at this hour. You’ll read the message in the morning. so, I ‘m receiving “Hancinema” on line daily and , since the news about his album came out I was very curious if the Korean media will say something, BUT …NOT A WORD SINCE NOW!!!!???? I don’t know if “i Love Jang Geu Suk” and the other one which posted on Facebook are Korean, but they did their job and announced especially today. I’m going to look on other online publications which are in English to see. Because I must say it that he is who he is because he is a Korean actor, speaks that sweet language which is Korean and even if something happened he MUST NOT forget that he is famous as he acted Korean dramas, with subjects and in that language. THIS IS HIS …POWER! Changing all these …..HE’LL JOIN THE CROWD ! And in the world there are thousands of beautiful boys. BUT HE IS …….SPECIAL! and must preserve this. He should leave JUST A LITTLE and reconciliate with olders as beauty don’t last for ever and he must gain power NOW FOR LATER. You know I love him and talk as for my son wishing him ONLY THE BEST! Have a nice day!Bye!

    • The FB fanpages are not Korean. I didn’t pay attention to Korean news. All I know is that JKS wrote on his blog on 24 Jan, and also asked whether eels were surprised by the sudden announcement of his album. He mentioned that some Korean reporters who still have his mobile number called him but he didn’t dare answer the phone. He didn’t say why, i got the impression he was trying to avoid the hassle of answering so many reporters’ calls.

      I don’t think his supposed lack of popularity among the Korean mid or older aged groups is that big a concern or issue.

      He is always very polite in interviews etc, so they cannot fault him for rudeness.
      I never find him bad-tempered and proud. At most, some Koreans may have a negative impression of him from that incident in the past (is that more than 5 years ago?)
      Nothing to apologise for or reconciliate now; i think such incidents will fade over time.

      And JKS definitely takes pride in being a Korean.
      Last year, he organised a World Cup Lounge H to cheer for the Korean team. When I saw Youtube videos on that event, I was really struck by how patriotic JKS, and in fact all Koreans, are. Their sense of national identity is really strong. I think he’s not the sort who forgets his roots, but it seems that his career focus will be overseas, especially in Japan and Asia now, cos “You Are Beautiful” really made him very popular.

  4. Well, I have to be more precise: to leave a little from his pride and rebellious temper. Do you think that they forget that he was pushed by the eels? I’ve read now a lot of articles about the entertainment industry and it scares me, but he knows better what to do, to draw a middle line in order to better for him FIRST! Ok , I wrote a whole “novel”! Bye, again!

  5. Hi! Well it seems I missunderstood the reason for the rememberance of the past event. I didn’t know anything about this incident before and I wonder why somebody thought to bring it up now. To end it here , I’ve finished “YAB” and I cannot explain you how I’m “lalalalala>>>!!!” all day long his songs. And you were right IS a good drama, it has everything: serious problems to debate, love, moments of laugh, a good plot, and most of all a cast that make honor to any performance. I’ve seen on TVset these days , probably somebody from the company who explained that music is a point which can get up or down a picture. And it is all I’ve said before : people remain with the main character and the songs IF THEY ARE GOOD AND …HITS!!! “Hits” doesn’t mean to be some ‘capodoperas’ but to be remembered by the colective mental. “O to ka jo” is a song like this! Thank you for being patient with me !Bye!


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