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  1. Hi, i wrote this earlier but no respond……….can anyone guide me..I have a special pendant (is cute and nice).which I wish to present it to our prince…but how should I pass it to him…can I courier it to Tree-J company…or what way to reach him…..not sure how this thing work…will his staff/manager open his mail…I am worry this wont reach his hand…I cant/do not want to wait till I see him in person then pass it to him…as I m not sure will I have this luck and opportunity…..Help please…thanks

    • hi meggy,

      you can always courier it to Tree-J at address below, but most likely the staff will open it and pass to JKS.
      hard for us to offer any guaranteed method unless u pass it to him personally… also tough, cos at events, they always instruct to put presents in a box or something

      Tree J Company
      6th Floor, Tree J Building
      40 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu,
      Seoul 135-951
      South Korea

      • Hi aphrael77, thanks so much for the reply…is ok if the staff open and pass it to him…as long as he got it…i will try my luck…
        thanks so much….by the way…where are you from..do remember to keep me alert ya..if there is any even that I can…if plan ahead shouldnt be a problem….thanks again…

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