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  1. Kaori-chan, you’re so very lucky! Thanks so much for sharing such a lovely detailed FA with us….where & what do u plan to study?

    • Farina, I’m gonna study just English in Canada for 2 months. I don’t quit my job, but have a vacation trip for study! 🙂 It’s my first time to live in the English spoken environment. The reason why I decided was Sukkie and you, his eels!

      When I was in high school I studied English a lot. But after I entered university and started to work, I hardly have chance to use it. I just continued English for fun. When I was about to give up my English, I happened to know this aphrael’s blog. Before knowing here, I just read or listened to English, but it was a kind of one-way study. But here, using English, we can communicate each other and share our love to Sukkie! Since then, my life has totally changed and my love to JKS has become bigger and bigger…

      In Japan there are so many blogs and unofficial fan communities. Besides, there are so many news announced officially or unofficially that it may seems that Japanese eels don’t need to join any international fan communities such as aphrael’s blog to use English as a second language. Because most Japanese are not good at using English, so it’s rather tough for them to share our love to him with a nonnative language. But as for me, joining this blog is a good chance and challenge for me to imporove my English. Above all, I’ve got many friends including you in different countries now^^

      My everyday life has completely changed before becoming his eel. Sukkie is always trying to open different doors of his hidden and unlimited potential. Rather, he enjoys struggling against difficulties. I respect this balance between enjoying his own life and continuous trying to new world. So I decided to go to Canada to study. He always motivates me and inspires me to reach my dream. I really appreciate meeting him, needless to say, meeting you! 🙂

  2. Wow…..he seem really obsessed with fat. I guess that what comes with being a star. He shouldn’t come to the US, too many obese americans waddling around.
    Anyways, he such a cutie.

    • yes, isn’t he? always talking about dieting!

      actually, he should go to the US. maybe he’ll feel less obsessed with fat when he sees many overweight Americans~! (no offense to anyone intended)

  3. Hi gals, I haven’t known the fact that Sukkie read that malicious TV program and posted the comment about it until I came back home late. At the event he looked nice as usual. But I don’t know why I felt so, but his saying “I will protect my eels at any cost” touched my heart more deeply than I first listened to it at M3 event. Thinking back now, he also wanted us to do the same as what he said to us. I mean he wanted us to protect him at any cost… Anyway, I’m sure he is smart and cool-headed enough to analyze this fabricated news by anti-Sukkie. So he’ll look forward and forget such foolish news. Now I just want him, “Believe us! Look at only us!” I believe people will find out what he really is sooner or later. I think the only thing he should do now is to do his best as an actor. We eels all know that he is a super-duper actor. But there are still people who don’t know his acting well, just watch him at gossip show. So I think his profession, acting is the best way to prove his real power. He is not a mere idol. He is a really talented artist.
    Many Japanese eels put the comment at FC site overnight. The comments are up to more than 2,400 already. And there are many heartfelt comments on the internet. Sukkie, fighting-cri! We are always with you! 🙂

    • Kaori-chan, I really appreciate sharing your view & other Japanese eel fans’ view in this blog & thanks so much for the touching FA of the NR event.. you’re super duper lucky eel ^_^ I love what you said >> “Sukkie, look at us only” (instead of all negative news or antis..), yes… just remember his picture riding the eel ballon, he looks so carefree & smile like a little boy.. he sure can depend & trust his eels forever.. remember the ice cream eating scene in MMM when Muygul smiles when Mary mentioned about “Loyalty” , we will be the one always to make him smiles even when he is down…

    • Kaori-chan, thanks for your fans account. It is really very detailed and I can understand more of Sukkie. It seems that everytime he interview, he tells us something new of himself. I’m really glad that he shares with us a lot of his personal self. We are so close to him and we will always support him!

      By the way, can you explain more of the malicious news? I’m a bit confused.

      • Rose, about the malicious news.
        Very minor TV program(Most of Japanese including me have never watched it before) planned to vote if you liked Sukkie or disliked Sukkie or aren’t interested in Sukkie. It happened at the same day of M3 event. And usually when someone wanted to know his or her popularity, we’ll have 3 alternatives, Yes or No or N/A. But this time, no N/A, but not interested. And most of the answers were not interested. So this TV program led to the result that JKS was not so popular in Japan, and the rumor that 80 people was hired by 2,000 yen (US $25) per person when he came to Japan at the end of June might have been true.

        See the below post.

  4. Wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Kaori-Chan!!!!! You are so lucky!!!!!!!!!
    I feel so exciting with your narration!!! what an experience!!!!!
    I also love JKS!!!! And I also live in Ibaraki Ken very near to Tsukuba circuit…it will be great if they come here!!!!! I also will go to enjoy the Arena Tour in Saitama…I got my ticket for October 25 (82BN) ..It will be the first show for me and I feel so happy!!!!
    I have many friends in Japan but No one likes JKS =( …I recently joined JKS Official Fan Club….are you also there???…..

    • Hi Iselita, you live in Ibaraki, too? What a coincidence! I moved to Tsukuba about one and half years ago. And I work in Tokyo using TX ^^ Yes, I’m also a member of JKS Japan Official Fan Club. I’m gonna his arena tour on 26, October. But I’ll try to get a ticket for another day. It’s my first time to attend his own show. Personally I’m really looking to LoungeH part and listening to “Let me cry” songs! Anyway, are you Japanese or other nationalities? Iselita is a kind of foreign names.

      • Kaori Chan ^_^ Thanks for reply!!! Yes I live in Ibaraki Ken, too. I live in Joso Shi very near to Tsukuba ….Yes girl!!! I’m a foreigner!!! I’m from Peru!!! ^_^/ I suppose you know some foreigners in Tsukuba or not? I have friends in that city from Europe and America I really like Tsukuba (after Tokyo =P Tokyo is my favorite!!) Tsukuba is like an International City, there are many foreigners there. I also like because it has many cool places….
        Bye Cri…
        If you have time let’s talk anytime by Facebook =)

  5. Dear Tenshi, you make me cry of happiness again while reading your fan account. My tear starts falling hard when I read the last part where you have descripted your heartfelt feeling for our Sukkie. Crying……crying now….. I’m such a softy and sensitive person.. Can’t read or watch dear ones crying, I would cry too. No wonder I would cry every time JKS crying either on silver screens or live shows.

    Thank you tenshi dear for sharing your close and personal experiences seeing our beloved Sukkie. I really wish that our Prince would come to this wonderful Blog and read how much Eels all over the world love him.

  6. Woow you’re so lucky tenshi akuma.. and thanks for sharing your experience with us everytime.. Happy Belated birthdaay.. ^^

    I love Suk’s interview everytime.. he’s a smart guy and really appreciate his fans.. his always tries to the best for his eels.. such a loving guy!! i love him always.. ^_^

  7. Tenshi_Akuma Thank You so much for your FA I really enjoy it & felt as if I was really there too! Just keep loving this guy more & more everyday…

    If JKS wants I can ask my employers to see if the have any spare aircraft they want to sell… 🙂

  8. Hi Tenshi_Akuma.
    Thanks a million for sharing the wonderful and memorable experiences with our Prince J.
    Will keep loving him forever – such a cute, adorable and loveable guy.

  9. oh thank you for sharing all these things. it’s interesting to read what he said in different interviews and stuff. thank you very much.
    is he always kidding?! i mean 1 request from God..well his answers were all jokes. does he ever say his true wishes or feelings? (I like his humor,though. he’s lovely :-p)

  10. What a great fan account you wrote Tenshi, thank you so much. I think here is the pond of eels who love Sukkie unconditionally. I fully agree what you said, he should just focus on his acting, singing and we are here always with him no matter what. No star’s road is gonna be only on the top of chart, but we, eels from all the world will support him, cheer for him, encourage him, have fun with him, cry with him, laugh with him.

    I really found love here, not only the love for Sukkie we have, also the power of love from you guys.

    Eels fighting, Sukkie fighting.

    • SukkiefanNC, your wordings here together with all others from eels here remind me to share a vid of Sukkie singing “My Precious” during Shanghai Cri Show vid.. I was so touched when I see this vid.. aphrael must be too as she was there at Shanghai Cri Show live… especially what he said which is summarised in the vid & also the emotional part during the singing..
      “My Precious” (Sukkie’s favourite song in MMM & he sang this song in all his Cri-Show), after going through the meaning of the lyrics.. it is really a song which Sukkie expresses his feeling to his eels and he sings with so much emotion each time…especially in Shanghai Cri Show when the eels started cheering & chanting his name…

      • Thanks for sharing QQ, my eyes with tears when he cried. I think he was really emotional at that time, maybe for a moment, he realize the hard of the road to become the Prince of Asia and he saw the crowded they were cheering for him, he was so touched. In my heart he is Prince of Asia now. He is truly- My precious.

  11. Thanks Kaori-chan for this superb fans account. In fact, I am now a lover of NR masks myself 🙂 I have bought a lot back from Seoul. I love and enjoy doing mask like Sukkie. Hehehe…

  12. Hi Tenshi! My name is Alex from EELS USA on Facebook. This is not the first time I’ve read a post from you, but it’s only the second time I’m leaving a comment. Thank you sooo much for your fan account! It was a really good read as always! I hope someday I can travel to Asia and see him on stage. I’m so touched by how much he cares for the eels. This is the first fanclub I’ve really ever been in and it might be the last because I can’t imagine spending so much time an effort for anyone else that I don’t know personally haha. I feel so proud to be an eel and happy that he loves us back. He makes such a sincere effort to learn our languages and communicate with us. By the way, I saw that you are going to study English in Canada? I love Canada!! I have alot of family there. I hope you’ll have a good time and enjoy studying!!


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