[Notice] JANG KEUN SUK Official Fan Club Cri J 2021_12th regular membership recruitment

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Official Fan club Cri J
2021_12th regular member recruitment

Hello everyone, this is AG Corporation,
Jang Keun Suk’s Official Fan Club CriJ starts to recruit 12th membership.

CriJ will be the strong back up and partner for Actor Jang,
eels who support both materially and spiritually are also present.

2021 will be coming soon,
who wants to be a member of CriJ and accompany with Actor Jang,
please refer to the instructions below to apply.

– the following –

1. Recruitment Period
1) Domestic: November 2nd (Mon) 21:00 ~ November 6th (Fri) 24:00
2) Overseas: November 9th (Mon) 21:00 ~ November 15th (Sun) 24:00 (based on Korean time)

2. Period
-January 1st, 2021 ~ December 31st, 2021 (1 year period)

3. 12th regular member bonus
1) Items for regular member (for both domestic member and overseas member applicants)
-regular member diary
-12th commemorative photo membership card
-postcard, name tag (scheduled)
-black platinum card (for new members only)

2) online service
① Use the members-only service in the homepage
② Participate various activities of princejks.com
③ Receive online message -birthday, Christmas, New Year

3) offline service
-Priority will be given to regular members for domestic events
-Ticket service for events held abroad (only for performances )

4. How to join
1) Existing members [Renewal]
/ Login
/ My page- 12th member application
** Please confirm your ID, PASSWORD

2) New members [New members application]
**Create an email address from naver.com, it is recommended to use this domain email.
You can also apply for CriJ official cafe by the email address of naver.com

The detailed procedure for membership will be announced later.

5. Pay attention
1) You must join in your own name. If you join in the name of another person or
with false information, you cannot participate any offline events
2) Any resale of merchandise purchased from the fan club may be subject to legal sanctions once exposed
3) After the fan club enrollment is completed, refunds and returns cannot be entertained
* No phone consultation
* Please inquire by email: prince-jks@princejks.com

Thank you.

8 thoughts on “[Notice] JANG KEUN SUK Official Fan Club Cri J 2021_12th regular membership recruitment”

    • I’m afraid you need to wait until 2022 Cri J recruitment starts. Already the application period for 2021 membership has ended.

  1. How can I join please. I am in Australia. I have recently sent an email but to date haven’t received a response. I REALLY want to join the Fan Club. I see above that you told someone they would need to wait until the recruitment starts for 2022- when will that happen and why the necessity to wait?


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