[News] Film concert “TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~” will be held in Japan in December

TEAM H film concert will be held in December, but it’s held on weekday afternoon, and the capacity of each venue is not big… so I hope it will be webcast on niconico in the end.

Original source: https://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/2019_event/teamh/
The sound of TEAM H will be back to Tokyo and Osaka
TEAM H PARTY will be held with floor-shaking DANCE TIME


To make you enjoy TEAM H PARTY more,
two types of tickets based on the seating area are available; standing-seat or reserved-seat area

*Club Area [reserved-seat in the back] is allocated for the posterior area of the 1st floor. Please be reminded that it might be hard to see the film clearly from the area.
*Only in Osaka, Club Area has ‘reserved-seat in the back of 1st floor’ and ‘reserved-seat of 2nd floor’.

For Tokyo
– Exciting Area [standing seat in the front]
– Club Area [reserved-seat in the back]

For Osaka
– Exciting Area [standing seat in the front]
– Club Area [reserved-seat in the back] [reserved-seat of 2nd floor]

*Price: 4,800 yen (with tax)
– The attendees will get a small gift.
– You need to pay additionally for a drink at the venue.

Japan JKS fan club members can apply the ticket as FC1 pre-application with a bonus item (Recollection Track Code TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY version) , between October 4th (Fri) 17:00 through October 8th (Tue) 23:59. The winners will be chosen by lot.

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