[2019-08-04] jksjapan Twitter

Happy Birth Day Jang Keun Suk!!
Today (August 4th) is our Actor Jang’s birthday!
To our Actor Jang living under the same sky as we are,
Let’s celebrate together with eels all over the world
to convey our love!
#HappyBirthdayJKS #0804JKSDay

✨?Happy Birth Day チャン・グンソク?✨
#HappyBirthdayJKS #0804JKSDay

JKS’ birthday special program on NicoNico Live ended all too soon!
Those who joined the event…, thank you so much for your support!
However, Actor Jang’s birthday hasn’t ended yet!!
Please send your message on his birthday with 2 hash tags!
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
#HappyBirthdayJKS #0804JKSDay

2つのハッシュタグと共にチャンベウへのお祝いメッセージを送ってください?✨ ?
#HappyBirthdayJKS #0804JKSDay

9 thoughts on “[2019-08-04] jksjapan Twitter”

  1. Hi dear sis Tenshi we cannot have more than one official birthday date .as far as I know when you apply for official documents you have to produce your birth certificate with the date on .So JKS birthday as Lunar calendar is August 4 but every year is different but as Gregorian calendar is Sept 26 .every year is the same date but he can celebrate both day and have parties . As we Chinese some of us also celebrate Lunar calendar birthday May Be JKS mother like to celebrate her son ‘s birthday on August 4 Happy Birthday dear JKS and many many more to come ?❤️?????

  2. hello Anonymous ,are you Chinese?! or just trying to write some Chinese character ?!
    good try ,hahaha ?????goodnight byebye ❤️???

  3. oh , Happy Birthday, dear Anonymous,,sorry my greedings was a bit late , Is that also your Lunar birthday ,hahaha ??????❤️?????

    • Dear Teresakwokys, good wishes are always welcome and do not require excuses. ? Thank you!
      Happy Life to You! ??

      PS : 感謝 (Japanese) = ‘Kansha” = Thank you! – according to Google Translation.
      If it is wrong, “MEA CULPA” for ignorance.

  4. dear Anonymous 感謝 simply means thank you heartful ly ,you see the Chinese word 感 is written with 心 ❤️❤️thats heart .i also 感謝your answers ???❤️??? have a nice weekend byebye Love you always


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