5 thoughts on “[Pic] The poster of 2019 JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition”

  1. this was the picture of last year, right! so he wont be showing up this year! i wonder why there is not even one recent photo of our Prince。?! miss him so much !????❤️??

    • Hi Teresa , ?
      JKS won’t be showing up at the exhibit , that’s for sure ! Don’t think that he is allowed to as he’s doing his military duty . All the promoting that has been done through TreeJ , has taken place in Japan not South Korea , this past year . I’m surprised that he can even do that . I’m a little concerned about not seeing him at all ! He can post on his IG when on leave , if he wants to , but he chooses not to I suppose. Ji Chang Wook for example posted several times when on leave. This is why some Eels are desperate to see him , and they go to his workplace to try and get a glimpse of him . Not a good idea , as we know !! ? I hope that all is well with JKS . This is a very nice poster ! He looks healthy and happy here …. but that was over a year ago . I am hoping that he is healthy and happy today !! ???

      • Morning all eels,all over the world ,I don’t know whether this is the right place to express my feeling about Tree J JSK company ? As I have mentioned many times before all the products of JKS have no Eng sub which unfair to his international eels ! But I have feeback from Taiwan JKS Fan Club bcx most of his products are made in Japan which is. his big market eventhough all his concerts he speak in Japanese but as for his international fans Eng sub is necessary , !? I think all fans buying his products should be very please to understand what he is talking about and enjoy his shows more ! As the Taiwan Fan club mentioned they lost many fans already bcx they feel unfair to them or all his international fans and even they said the Japanese fans used the word Complain!? Complain for what !? Only going to Japan !? No where else ,very funny that’s what JKS is doing now !? Sorry that’s only my feelings about Tree J and I hope our dear Prince JKS should care more about his international fans ! We love him we support him and looking forward and waiting for his Healthy and Happy return ???❤️??? byebye Good luck good health God bless you .and Zikzin all JKS Eels

  2. It’s me again ,as Lunar Calendar the birthday date is different every year, as the date of your birth! ? , so as in all our official documents is the Gregorian Calendar , May be that’s why JKS always celebrate his birthday in two months From August till September , Happy Birthday dear JKS , in advance , Good Luck Good health God bless you , many many happy return , we are all waiting for your return, ????❤️???

  3. His 2019 birthday carnival month is about to start!!!
    Does anyone know how I can get into the official international eels fan club? Someone from Japan or Korea who speaks English… please let me know.
    We love you JKS!!! ?


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