25 thoughts on “[26.07.2011] Jap twitter”

  1. Errrr…..sorry don’t mean to be a dirty ahjumma, but really can’t help arrowing my O.O at a certain part of e pic….lol!!!

    • Farina…u r really terrible ahjumma hahaha. Is the pant too loose for him. & coz the effect hat keeps you arrowing on that part?

      • Carol, whatever do u mean? I was referring to the girl over his (standee) shoulder…lol!!!!!!

      • Farina, are u sure u really mean that girl which is a standee poster too ^^. Being admit a dirty ahjumah at 1st…hahaha

      • Ok Carol, saya mandi air bunga 7 perigi to cleanse myself…. problem is, how to cleanse my brain?? Lol!!

      • Farina, u really make me laugh. Mayb u should try to pandang 7 jenis bunga to cleanse your brain/mind instead of mandi air bunga 7 perigi liao

      • Dear Farina and Carol, U gals are sooo precious. After reading your comments, I laugh, laugh, and laugh non-stop … even blush a little…and laugh some more….hehehe. Thank you for making my day so happy and joyful.

        Sukkie is the most extraordinary humorous person; just simply taking picture with self post make so many people laugh and happy.

      • Kailey, i’m so suprised that u understand our conversation coz some in Malay wordings !
        Is our pleasure to mk u gals happy ….. hahaha
        We see what will happen after Farina’s formula 7 days & 7 nites + the special drinking water, okie 😉

      • Aiyak! these farina and carol, owh, please brush with clorox regular! No such bunga to polish both of you! Might be orchid in sgpore or hibiscus in malaysia will run away from you! LOL!Anyway don’t forget to vote dear frenzz! Fighting for JKS!!

    • Carol & Kailey, I don’t think it’s working….my eyes still go O.O whenever I open this page….ottoke???

      Ren, clorox? It will probably allow my O.O to view it as ‘see-thru’!!! Wahahahaha!!!!

      • Farina, really hope u can “see thru” with clorox…..& tell us what u saw hahaha
        Since nothing is workable, I think the best way is to ask Aphrael to edit the pic in order to save you.
        Do “cutting” from JKS waisteline onwards off the pic.
        So u won’t be tempted to go O.O anymore…. hahaha

  2. These are the same person, but each have different charms, dorsn’t it??
    One represents beauty. The other does cuteness.
    Sukkie has really 1000 faces and all of them fascinate me without exception!!!

  3. was sukkie’s head in the standee bent? good thing its still standing there, if it was me, i would have brought it home lol

    • stvcri, lol… you sure remind me of an Chinese eel fan who requested the supermarket staff for Sukkie’s Makkori poster when she was in Japan ^_^

  4. The original comment Sukkie put was partly omitted above, but the most interesting thing about this post is that particular comment. So I’ll introduce it to you^^
    He commented himself as “うつくしいぐんちゃんとペットぐんちゃん!” in Japanese!!!! “うつくしいぐんちゃん” means “beautiful Keun-chan” and “ペットぐんちゃん” means “pet Keun-chan”. He really knows what he is looked like. It’s so interesting that he put the comment objectively as if he were not Sukkie himself :p

  5. he is so cute and he is the only one that i know that will get out of his car and take pic. like that … hehe thats what i love about him 🙂


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