[Guide] How to buy Seoul Cri Show tickets

Credits and special thanks to cutecute who came up with this guide. She wants to fulfill her promise to Rose and at the same time, share with all of us.


1. Performance: 2011 JKS Asia Tour – The Cri Show Last in Seoul
2. Venue: Olympics Hall
3. Time: 7 August 2011, 4.00 pm
4. Pre-order at: http://www.yes24.com/

5. Pre-order from 18 July 2011 (12.00 am) – refer to official members’ notice
Public sale from 21 July 2011 (6.00 pm)

6. Ticket price
– R category: 88,000 won
– S category: 66,000 won

7. One person is limited to purchase of 4 tickets.
8. Agent for purchase: Japanese official website
9. Agent for purchase: HS Media (http://www.hsmedia.net)

How to register and buy on Korean website

1. Go to this website


2. Join as member.





If you are successful, you will see the following screen.


3. To buy a ticket at this website


* Please note that this website is not open yet.











Please note that this process is not complete because it’s not open yet, and cutecute has not proceeded to the next step.

For those who want to buy the Seoul Cri Show ticket, you may wish to try this.


63 thoughts on “[Guide] How to buy Seoul Cri Show tickets”

  1. Heard the ticket sales would be open on July 18 (12am) – July 20 (10pm) for Korean official members only. General release for public would be opened on July 21.

    • for the 18-20/Jul, is it open for korean Cri-J members only or all Cri-J member?

      cutecute, is the ticket purchase must use Korean credit card? Also if we ask another Cri-J member to help buy the ticket, will we be able to transfer name? or the ticket is only issued to the Cri-J member?

      • All kind of visa card is available.
        I think you have foreign bank Visa card, so I select 해외카드(foreign card) in the picture. Only Visa card is available.
        I think one member of korean cri-J until july 21th pm 18:00could purchase 4tickets. but i’m not sure. and the tickets will have the different number not name.
        After july 21th pm8:00, anyone could buy the ticket.

      • Rose ,korean cri-j member doesn’t mean korean people.
        If you join the member of korea CRI-J Fan Club, you are the korean cri-j memeber

  2. A very big thank you cutecute for your help on this. This is very helpful. I am very excited and ready to purchase the tickets.

    Aphrael, thanks very much for posting this guide so fast. Really appreciate this. This blog is superb!

  3. Rose ,korean cri-j member doesn’t mean korean people.
    If you join the member of korea CRI-J Fan Club, you are the korean cri-j memeber.

    • cutecute, I’m yet to register as Cri-J full member yet because I had difficulty transferring money to Korean bank. Will u be attending the CRI show? I wonder if it’s too much if I wanna ask for ur help? If it’s not convenient for u, I understand. I’m actually very grateful because u are willing to go to the extend to help by giving step by step instruction. Sincere gomawo. I actually already bought my flight tickets, so will really want to get the ticket very much.

      • Yes, I’m from Malaysia. I’m traveling 4-11/Aug. Will take the chance to visit Seoul also. It’s not the best weather to travel to Korea now but nevermind, the fact that I can see Sukkie again, everything will be fine.

      • Aphrael, forgot to mention that I will be experiencing in Korea what u experienced during SH show – the cramps. I will be ready with painkillers to. But yeah, I think being able to meet Sukkie, everything will be fine for me.

    • Cutecute, U mention about member notice for further instruction for member purchase, can u explain a bit more on this? The 18-20/Jul is just pre-order for member? Or can they purchase straight away? And do they do the same instruction as this also?

  4. hi guys, im from the Philippines and i’m planning to watch him first time in Korea. But as read in your post its not available for non Cri-J member on the 18th. My problem is the plane ticket would expire on the 18th and I would need to have the concert tickets before we purchase plane ticket 🙁 . Can someone with a good heart help me? I just need two tix on the 18th. Its my first time and Im so excited to watch him, but upon reading this i felt bad 🙁 …i hope somebody can help my email is lallie@hotmail.com..thanks so much…

    • Sorry, I am not able to help… but I don’t understand. The Cri Show is on 7 August, your plane ticket expires on 18 July?? ….

      • We have to buy our plane tickets for the 1st week of August on July 18 since our reservation will expire on that day. Even though we’re really tempted to buy our plane tickets first, since it’s really difficult to look for flights going to Seoul, it’s more important to have the Cri show tickets first. What’s the use of flying to Korea if we wouldn’t be able to see Sukkie 🙁 🙁

    • cutecute, may I have your e-mail address? I would like to ask you about the past cri show and discuss about the zone to be purchased, because this is my first time attending concert in Seoul, so I am unfamiliar how the things is. I would like to ask you more about my Seoul trip as I am not following tour and are now planning the itinerary for my trip. If you are agreeable, you can get my e-mail address from aphrael (aphrael should be able to see my e-mail address?). Or aphrael can help by writing to my e-mail? I’m sorry I am asking so much from both you and aphrael, but I am hoping to have a Korean eel friends (because this is my first time to Korea).

      • cutecute, would it be also possible for you to help us? i only need two tickets. its gonna be our first time to watch JKS..

    • Hi cutecute & aphrael. I have manage to find a kind eel in my country to help buy the ticket for me. However, she is not going for the show, so she will just be helping me to buy the tickets with the Cri-J member account. So, I would like to ask whether in this situation:
      1) Is buying ticket on behalf is allowed? I would assume that this is allowed as one person can buy 4 tickets. But if the person who buy the ticket didn’t attend the show, can I collect the ticket or the Cri-J member has to collect ticket personally? As she is not attending the show, can she write a letter to confirm me to collect the ticket or is there any name change procedure or e-ticket is issued straight away? If e-ticket issued straight away, then it would be great. One of the eel wrote to ask Tree-J about this but i think because it’s not in hangul, no response at this moment.
      2) The Yes24 website accepts oversea Visa card – can you confirm if we need to pre-register our credit card with Yes24?
      Really appreciate your (cutecute & aphrael) kind help. Really really gumawo.

  5. cutecute, thanks for the information. its quite frustrating to know that those tickets will only open to public on the 21st. there’s only a slim chance to get those concert tickets and i am very helpless now. i dont know if we can ever see Sukkie again. its like this is the only chance i can get to see him 🙁 . I hope theres someone here who can help me…

  6. The memo on how member can purchase tickets has been released by Tree-J in website. I hope someone can share, because I can’t view but am asking a member eel to buy the ticket for me. So, I’m looking for all information, so that it’s easier for her to help me to buy tickets.

    • Hi,
      Yesterday ,late, the FC announced how to buy the tickets and it’s limited information.
      I’m very surprised the announcement is very strict.
      I think JKS is the only actor to attract thounds of fans for fanmeeting and twice a year.
      JKS has many fans in korea. And many of them is older than JKS. Many people in korea think this is strange way to go to fanmeeting to see the actor and to be a loyal fan of actor.
      JKS’s many older fan don’t tell to others she is the fan of JKS,(including me, nobody knows I’m an eel) and sometimes may choice the way to support him on the internet, or buying the JKS’CF thing instead of going to fanmeeting.
      I think selling the ticket to all JKS’s fan all over the world will sell much more than selling to Korean fan members only forehead. JKS prefer his fan’s wish rather than his benefit.
      I understand it’s easier way to buy the ticker by FCmeber. But if many of FC member buy the tickets for someone who are not member of FC, the fan who is waiting to buy ticket on 21th may feel very sad.
      It’s only my opinion and it’s only my choice.
      Please, Don’t feel bad because of my choice.
      I wish you all have good luck.


      • cutecute, it happens in Japan too! I’m afraid the way to getting his ticket is much more strict than that in Korean. In case of his arena tour held in this October, FC members can apply only one ticket (that means only for the member’s ticket) during 1st pre-order period. After that, FC members have a 2nd chance to apply two tickets during 2nd pre-order period. That means we can apply for not only the ticket for ourselves but for non-member’s including her friend or children. During pre-order period, the ticket winners are drawn by lot. Finally non-FC members can apply for tickets. Besides, on the ticket the FC member’s name is printed to identify them. It sounds too strict, but as cutecute said, it’s true that getting his ticket is becoming so difficult even if we’re the member of his official fan club. Above all, this strict rule can prevent the black market from getting them, so we have to accept this rule…

        Anyway, I hope eels here including me can get his ticket fortunately!! I pray for all of us!!!! 🙂

      • wow, such strict conditions in Japan!! yup, let’s hope all of us here will be blessed with good luck! 🙂

      • cutecute & Kaori-chan, actually I believe many of us really appreciate very much the 2 of you in this blog as we can hear from eel fans from Korea & Japan to share with us the common love of eel family ^_^ I fully can understand the situation as based on the ticket sales in Korea & Japan & now Taiwan, Sukkie is really very popular in home country as well as north asia countries, black market ticketing will surface if the organisor did not have strict rules to manage the situation. That is the reason why when I heard Sukkie is going to have Cri-show in S’pore, I told my sister, I want to go no matter how as that could be my only chance to see him in person before he gets too popular that I can’t even get the ticket online! (I’m those who don’t have much stamina to queue for long hours as I will faint.. really salute to our dear aphrael77 when I see she can endure with even painful situation & heat!). Even for online ticketing, my sister helped me with the ticketing as we went together with group of friends (also eels). The other crazy thing I did is to go all the way to Marina Square to see Sukkie during the autograph session, never in my life I go for any of these activites as I used to laugh at others doing this ^_^ Now I can understand certain things cannot be ruled by mind…LOL

      • Cutecute, i totally respect ur decision as i understand social scenario in korea is different. In fact every country is different. Back to the announcement & ticketing, Does the announcement means that even if a member help me buy ticket, I cannot use her ticket to enter because it will be under her name. I’m sad but I respect Tree-J’s decision because it will then eliminate black market price. Then I guess I will have to ask my friend not to buy the ticket and will have to wait until 21/Jul when the ticket is open for public. Is that what u advise, cutecute?

    • Rose
      aphrael know my email address. and send me e-maill.
      Except buying as agency, I want to help you.
      I’m so so sorry.

      • Cutecute, don’t be sorry. I respect ur choice. U have helped me a lot buy providing the guide on how to buy the ticket in Yes24. I am a bit confused with the announcement made in FC. Does that means that one ticket per one member & the ticket cannot be transferred to other ppl? I just need confirmation that my understanding is correct, then I shall ask my friend not to proceed to buy the ticket for me. Cutecute, can u help to confirm this? If this is the case, then I will wait until 21/Jul when they open the ticket sales for public. I respect Tree-J decision to keep the ticketing as such because then it will protect JKS and all his fans from black market ticketing. I shall keep my faith that if I’m fated to be able to attend the concert, then I shall be able to get the ticket. I will keep on believing on the fate because it has been quite smooth thus far. I have gotten to meet him in Malaysia, got him to sign my phone, attended his show in Malaysia. And what more, the show in Korea was scheduled on a date where I so happen in Korea. To tell the truth, I bought my air ticket one year ago before I even know JKS. So, I believe that I shall have the good luck to get his concert ticket, because I really sincerely support him like all of us here. wish all of us the best of luck in getting the ticket!
        On a separate note, cutecute, if u allow, I would like to discuss with u about my Korea itinerary. Then I will ask for ur email from aphrael. In fact if possible, let’s meet for a cuppa coffee when I’m there 🙂

      • Rose
        I think the ticket has different number not name.
        so you can use the ticket. you doesn’t have any problem to use the ticket.

        I am only worried about the situation that If many FC member buy good viewed tickets for someone not FC member, many eels who will wait to buy tickets until 21th might buy bad viewed tickets and feel sad.
        It’s only my choice from my characer. I think other FC members could have different thought and could take a different choice.

        I think the ticketting through Yes24 need too many choice and too many click. I know.
        I’m worried you and zailanine have difficult to follow the all steps.

        I’m sorry to help you and zailanine.

  7. Cutecute, dont worry, i understand ur choice & ur stand. that means it’s okay to ask another member to buy ticket? Are u willing to share the infor about ticketing for member (because my friend cannot read hangul). U can send it to my email (aphrael, can u help to give my email address to cutecute? Actually I am still considering whether I should ask my friend to buy or wait til 21/Jul but really afraid that ticket will sold out. I really don’t mind if I can’t get good seat ticket, just scared ticket sold out & not able to attend.

  8. Hi Cutecute,
    So sorry to trouble you when we hv nvr met before. But was wondering if you are able to adv on what TreeJ posted about ticket purchase yesterday? How will the website recognize that I m his OFC member.
    Thanks a million.

    • If you go to the member board of the FC, you can see the way how to get the ticket on the top of the liset. and there If you don’t know how to do, ask the question on the member board. someone of the member answer your question.
      first go to the member board of FC.

    • jangkeunsuk.com doesn’t open.

      Go to cri-j.com
      and then clik the icon of the shape of littel castle written “크리성” in korea.

      and click the word “정회원게시판” second from the right.(just left Q&A)

      and click the list of 35o number

      and you coule know how to do.

    • jangkeunsuk.com doesn’t open.

      upward comment is not correct
      I changed it.

      Go to cri-j.com
      and then clik the icon of the shape of littel castle written “크리성” in korea.

      and click the word “정회원게시판” second from the right.(just left Q&A)

      and click the upperest list .
      and you coule know how to do

  9. Hi cute cute,

    I also want to know how they can recognize I am official member? Actually, I am a pay official member… Can I also buy the ticket on July 18?

    And how can I get the ticket? Get it in the concert place? Or it will mail to my home address? Please advise. Thanks!

  10. cutecute, after i register in yes24, then to login back to the page, i click the “grey” button on the top right? then i enter username & password and click the orange button?

    • when i checked the site to make the graphic, i experienced that event.
      so cotinued to try from first step.
      I think it’s not easy to take a step.

  11. Rose
    I don’t know,
    I checked the seat left, I think tree-j locked part of seats for abroad agent.
    at this time, only third floor seats is left,, first and second floor seats all is sold out. could you buy the ticket by chinese agent??
    and tree-J take the method to deliver the ticket to the member’s address not to get the ticket at the concert spot. so If you success in buying the ticket by yes24 site. I call the Yes24 to get your ticket to your korean hotel.
    I wish you can succeed.

  12. Apprael

    Tree-J take the way of ticket delevery to the member’s address not to get the ticket at the concert site. so all abroad memeber have to change the address to their hotel.
    It’s not easy.
    I think all abroad eel to want to go to cri -show in seoul have to buy the ticket by japanese agent or chinese agent.

    So the graphic made by me is hepless,
    Apprael, please, get off the grahic for ticketting step

  13. Not able to get the tickets because it needs korean address, like what cutecute says… I will have to try other methods – through HS media or Frau.

    cutecute, please dont have this post removed cos when the tickets are open to public on 21/Jul, this will come useful. I will try again on 21/Jul because that should be open to public and overseas. So, please dont remove…

  14. I cannot read Korean and cant order through the site. Please help me order 2 tickets, someone. I’ll pay you more for it. I’ll be flying to Korea to see his show on 7th. so will need your help!

    Thanks cutecute for everything so far.

  15. Cutecute out of this issue, I heard JKS posted Malaysia Cri Show in his official blog. Since u r a member, can u help me to find out what is it & the comment. Can copy paste & send to my email.

    I really appreciate that coz we dun know korean, so never sign up as member. From his comment, mayb we will know whether he will be back to Malaysi next year or not.

    TQ in advance…

    • Hi Carol70

      He posted his pictures in malaysia. the picture is only for FC member.
      so I couldn’t send the picture to your mail.

      Sorry Carol70
      All his writing and Pictures and App application Photos ans writings of only for FC members are prohibited to repost at other website.
      I want to obey this rules for JKS whom I respect and like.

    • Is Ok cutecute, but roughly can u tell us what is the message about? How many pics that he posted?
      As we can’t go in, at least let us hv a brief info. Can help by doing this? TQ

  16. Hai Cri,
    I’m wondering if anyone get the R seat tix? So frustrated after 3 hours stuck in seat selected. A million thanks for those who can help me. ~_<

  17. Hi Carol.
    Yes, Malaysia isn’t yet FC of Cri-j.
    I think you are very wonder what he told about Malaysia.

    7 potos are posted written cri show in Malaysia.
    but I don’t know what comment what you mean.

    when he post JKS’s message on FC, I usually forgot just after i read the message. HaHa, usually his message make eels happy.

  18. Didn’t manage to get his tickets despite all my efforts. Please, if someone is willing to give up 1, or better still, 2 tickets, I am willing to pay you double the amount. THANKS!


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