[2018-12-31] Tree-J Twitter

Eels’ power doesn’t stop!
Thank you everyone!
#thebestkoreandramaof2018 #eelspower


멈추지 않는 장어 파워!
모두들 수고하셨습니다!

When you change your info in My page after January 1st 0:00, it will be changed as 10th member.
If you change your info by today (December 31, 2018), it is considered as the 9th member.
Please don’t fail to log in again on January 1st, and check your info.

2019년 1월 1일 00:00부터
My page 정보를 변경해야
10기 회원으로 적용됩니다

오늘(2018년 12월 31일)까지
변경한 정보는
9기 회원 정보입니다

꼭 1월 1일에 다시 로그인해서
본인 회원 정보를 확인하세요

Is there any new eel member who joins CriJ 10th for the first time?

Actot Jang’s messages have been restored since 2009!

you’ll enjoy finding and reading them!!!!

Soon, from 00:00, CriJ 10th member can log in!
In addition, from 10;00 am, the re-registration will be open 🙂

혹시, 10기부터 가입하는
장어님들 있을까요?

장배우 메세지가
2009년부터 복원되어 있으니까요!

찾아서 읽는 재미가!!!!

곧 00:00부터 10기 로그인!
아침 10시부터 재가입도 시작됩니다 : )

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5 thoughts on “[2018-12-31] Tree-J Twitter”

  1. Morning everyone Happy New Year ❤️❤️Congratulations, our Prince has won three time best dramas of the year ,2009 ,2010 , and last year 2018 👍👏💋💋😍! That’s not by luck! ,! He deserved that , 🏆🥇🥇his acting is surperb , Zikzin JKS , all your eels love and support you till the end. We all waiting for your Happy and Healthy return ,Byebye

  2. Hi everyone,

    2018 ends well withe the victory of Switch. 2019 is a fresh start for me as an official eel ! CriJ 10!!!! I am so happy Switch won Best Korean Drama 2018. Were fought a like warriors for him and we did it with the power of our love. So proud of that.. I am a new eel and yet so in love with my wonderful Sukkie. I am so happy to share my feelings with eels like Cindy, Jenny and Priyanka. I hope I can join your group.

    • Hi Cam Minh Jang! I am also a new official eel! Have you been busy reading the older posts in the community section of princejks? I feel like most of my time now is spent thinking and researching about Suk. 😅

      Waiting for ECI to open membership too. 😊


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