[How to vote] Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~FAN SELECT~

Original source: https://boommy.jp/jks/
PONYCANYON will release “Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~FAN SELECT~” on December 26th, 2018. This ~FAN SELECT~ version will be made by reference to his fans’ requests. That means your vote can influence on the song list. In addition, all participants’ nicknames who vote will be printed on the booklet of “Jang Keun Suk BEST Works 2011-2017 ~FAN SELECT~”. Tree-J promoted this event through Twitter. Your nickname (even in your native language) will be printed in credits. The voting period is from November 2nd (Fri) till November 18th (Sun). Don’t miss this chance!

[How to vote]
(1) Access https://boommy.jp/jks/
(2) Click ‘投稿する(submit)’ and choose how to post. If you choose ‘post via SNS’, your comment and the image will be posted in your timeline.
A: Twitterで投稿 (Post via Twitter)
B: Facebookで投稿 (Post via Facebook)
C: SNSと連携せずに投稿 (Post in this website only, not along with any SNS)
(3) Click and choose your favorite song.
(4) Write your comment why you choose this song. Don’t hesitate to write in your own language. Then, click ‘投稿内容を確認する (verify)’.
– コメント (Comment)
– ニックネーム (nickname)
– メールアドレス (e-mail address)
– 性別 (sex) : 男性 (male)/ 女性 (female)
– 年齢 (age) : 10代 (10s) ~ 70代 (70s)
– キャンペーン情報 (campaign e-mail): 受け取る (accept) / 受け取らない (reject)
(5) After you verify the contents, please submit it.

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