14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS departing Japan_20110630”

  1. Surprisingly, he answered all the questions in Japanese!!!!! Very good pronunciation!!! I was so touched… *sigh*

  2. what did he says?? oh tenshi please translate just this one…. There’s a lot of japanesse tv program with Suk when he came to japan I don’t understand what they said 🙁

    • sasha, I’ve planned to already! I’m gonna work now, so after I come home I’ll subtitle it and let you know. I’m so happy to translate what he said in Japanese to English! 🙂

      • kaori-chan, i’m so happy that you’re willing to translate it to english, if you need my help, i got some links of his previous interview by japanese media, it’s old video ( but, it’s HQ) i will send the dwl video link to you…. ^^

      • i mean, help to find JKS old video interviewed in japanese..i got some link of his HQ video..just drop your email here.thx.

      • Kaori-chan, thanks so much for the Eng Sub….really appreciate your translation, I hope to see the vid clip with your sexy back to be translated too! ^_^

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