[2018-06-10] CRI-J twitter

The detailed announcement on 2018 6th Jang Keun Suk Benefit Photo Exhibition to celebrate his birthday and translating machines : NAVER cafe (Source: Jang Keun Suk official fan club CriJ | NAVER cafe) https://t.co/cx4weaLyxq
2018 제6회 장근석 생일기념 나눔사진전 상세공지및 통역기 안내 : 네이버 카페 (출처 : 장근석 공식 팬클럽 크리제이 | 네이버 카페)

[Reminders regarding the special event]
○ The ticket number will be handed out RANDOMLY, so you DO NOT need to line up in advance. If many people line up TOO early in front of the venue, it could damage JKS’s image at his school.
○ The first floor tickets are ticket No. 1 to 1000, and the second floor tickets are from No. 2001.
○ Ticket office closing time is 4:00 pm on June 16th as we have to prepare for the Special Event.
○ Dress code for the special event : WHITE T-shirts (Either short or long sleeves) If you don’t wear white T-shirts, you will be sent to the back seats regardless of your ticket No.

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