[2018-06-02] CRI-J twitter

We’re making a survey of possible demands for translating machines at 2018 Benefit Photo Exhibition. Please access the links below and apply (submit). Thank you. (You can apply even if you’re not the official member / refer to princejks.com community FAN NOTICE No.562)
○Japanese: naver.me/5oIKY2YJ
○Chinese: naver.me/FYpOnUN6
○English: naver.me/F1jZke9m

2018나눔사진전 통역기 관련 가수요 조사합니다.아래 링크로 접속하여 신청(제출)부탁드립니다.
(정회원이 아니어도 신청 가능/princejks.com community FAN NOTICE No.562 참고)
○일본어: http://naver.me/5oIKY2YJ
○중국어: http://naver.me/FYpOnUN6
○영 어: http://naver.me/F1jZke9m

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