5 thoughts on “[24.06.11] Taiwan Cri Show – JKS closer to Level 2 audience”

  1. Read on twitter that some fan(s) threw a lightstick n roll of ribbon (pretty heavy?)onstage n almost hit Suk’s head. Korean managers were quite angry….who wouldn’t? I know they probably didn’t mean malice but think before u act irresponsibly. It could hv caused injury not only to Suk but on whoever’s head it lands on! If that happens to any of his eels, Suk will get very upset!

    • The fans might be too excited and high, but you are right, they had to be more responsible!! I hope this won’t effect JKS’s mood.. It was so lucky the stick didn’t hit him or anybody else!!
      Hope JKS is having a great time in Taiwan! 🙂

    • ??? Why would they want to throw that?? lightstick and ribbon? and it’s not one strip of ribbon, it’s one heavy roll???
      … did they want Sukkie to decorate a X’mas tree or something??

      Luckily no one is hurt!

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