[Notice] JKS Japan official fan club gave warning on a rumor of JKS’ enlistment

Original source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/notice/2018/05/08115535.html

We heard some travel agencies seem to plan a tour titled ‘to see JKS off when he joins the military’. But, there is no confirmed information about his enlistment yet. Needless to say, those tours are not authorized by TreeJ company. In short, they are not official ones. Please be careful.

We will announce JKS’ official information through our website. Thank you.



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  1. Please note: No civilian may enter the USAF or Korean military bases unless, a family member possesses a military ID card and escorts you into the military base! Also, you, the civilian, must possess a “NATO-accepted,” ID card which must be left with the Security Military Guards’ Station; furthermore, Chinese ID cards will be denied entering both USAF and Korean military bases.

    I tried escorting my Chinese friend who is married to a Korean civilian into Yongsan Army Base: The Security Patrol Guard denied my Chinese friend entering the military base despite the fact, she’s married to a Korean National Citizen (the Security Military, Patrol Guards have complete access to the Korean and USA Immigration ID Card Information!) but, my Korean friend was allowed entering the base! DOH!


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