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180117 CRISHOW IV +
OSAKA 1day

Sorry for our late report.

After he arrived Japan, he checked the conditions of the venue at any time.
At waiting room, he worried about comments.
On stage, he did his best to sing well.

Under the same sky,
the one that makes us unite is
Jang Keun Suk.

Osaka day1, thank you so much!

p.s. This photo Actor Jang’s selfie : )

180117 CRISHOW IV +
OSAKA 1day

보고가 늦었습니다

입국 후에도 공연장 상황을 수시로 체크하고
대기실에서는 멘트를 고민하고
스테이지에서는 열심히 노래했었네요

같은 하늘 아래 우리를
하나로 이어주는 것-
장근석 입니다

오사카 첫 날, 고마웠습니다!

p.s 사진은 장배우의 셀카 : )

180118 CRISHOW IV +
OSAKA 2day

It was also fun today!!

LED power was amazing!
Zoom In, we love it!
Eye contact, do you remember that?

To eels who were staying at home,
We report Actor Jang’s eye contact!

Under the same sky,
our voyage continues!

180118 CRISHOW IV +
OSAKA 2day

오늘도 즐거웠습니다!!

LED 파워 대단하네요!
Zoom In, 사랑해요!
아이컨택, 기억하시죠?

집을 지키고 있는 장어님들께도
장배우의 아이컨택을 전합니다!

같은 하늘 아래
여행은 계속 됩니다!

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