[How to join] Actor Jang’s “invitation to peace” EVENT on Hello PyeongChang website

Tree-J announced on their twitter about Actor Jang’s “invitation to peace” EVENT held on Hello PyeongChang website. We put more screenshots here for you to join the event easily. It’s not related to the event that Actor Jang prepares 2,018 tickets to bring fans to Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang in March, so please feel free to join this event. Click on heart (♡) next to Jang Keun Suk to show eels power to the world. Thanks for your participation.

*Instructions below are for smart phone users. If you access from PC, the screens shown are not the same.

1) Go to Hello PyeongChang website. Close the PR-video window.

2) Click on “평화의 초대장 이벤트 (Invitation to Peace EVENT)”.

3) Scroll down to see the log-in part.

4) To join the event, you need to have Facebook account or KAKAO account. Click on the icon to log in.

5) After your log-in, scroll up to the event button. Click on “응모한 초대장 보기 (View INVITATIONS)”.

6) Click on ‘HEART (♡)’ next to Jang Keun Suk and show your support.

Those who write a message and invite others to come to the Olympics can win a prize. But it’s not necessary to join the event. Just enjoy joining the event!

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