[Notice] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 9th in 2018

For international eels (who are not living in Korea), you have a chance to be the official member of Jang Keun Suk Korean fanclub ‘CRI-J’ next year, too. We provide the guidance how to join CRI-J here, copying the official info. This time they provide English, Chinese and Japanese guidance on their website with screenshots in advance. So we hope it’ll be much easier for you than before. But the joining period starts on November 27th, so please don’t rush. They are not open yet.
Original source: Princejks.com-notice-[ENG] Announcement for Joining Cri J 9 in 2018

Official Fan club
크리제이 CriJ
Announcement for Joining Cri J 9 in 2018

Hello, this is TreeJ company.
Eels can join Jang Keun Suk Official Fanclub – PrinceJKS.com to become full members of Cri-J 9.

If you want to join, please check the notice below and let’s ZIKZIN with JKS in 2018 as well.

– Notice –

1. Joining Period for Overseas Members
: Monday, November 27th, 2017 19:00 ~ Monday, December 4th, 2017 (midnight)/ Korean Time

2. Qualification for joining
: Everybody who loves and cheers for Jang Keun Suk

3. Membership period
: January 1st, 2018 ~ December 31st, 2018

4. Privileges of full membership
1) Membership Goods (If you apply)
2) Online Service
– Can use fan club full members-only homepage
– Can participate (only for full members)
3) Offline Service
– Can acquire a priority to participate (only for full members) in off-line events

5. How to Join (Overseas Members)

*** They made the detailed guidance. You can download the word file from here, but I reposted the info for those who can’t download it.

STEP0. Click [JOIN] link of Princejks.com

STEP1. Write your name and e-mail address.

STEP2. Check the box to indicate that you accept the terms of the agreement.

STEP3. Fill out the form.
[1] ID – combination of letters (a-z) or numbers (3~30 letters)
[2] 8th ID, PASSWORD : If you are a 8th member and use the same ID, please click [Apply]. If you want to change your information, change the information and apply.
[3] NICKNAME : The nickname will be shown whenever you make comments at princejks.com.
[4] E-MAIL : Should be the one that you are actually using now. Please check the box [Opt in mailing] so that you can receive the confirmation mail from Cri J.
[5] ADDRESS : Please write the right address you actually reside in ENGLISH.
[6] PAYPAL : Please pay via PAYPAL. *If you don’t need PayPal ID, you can ask someone who pay instead of you. In that case, type your friend’s PayPal ID here.

STEP4. Verify your e mail and make the payment.
1) Please go to your e mail and confirm your application.
2) There may be additional costs depending on the cost of shipping the membership goods.
[1] 25 USD for ONLY membership fee, NOT include the membership goods (Only On-line)
[2] If you want the membership goods, you need to pay more. (membership goods and shipping fee)
Shipping fee depends on your country.
*Please check how much the total cost will be, clicking the link on Princjks.com
[1]+[2]= [3](Total) (NOT included the PAYPAL transaction fee)

3) Please send the [3] (Total) to 2017cri_j@naver.com / Heungro Lee via PAYPAL.
** Please write your NICKNAME in the MEMO.

6. Joining Procedure
[1] Go to princejks.com and fill out the application.
[2] Go to your e mail and confirm your application
[3] Deposit the correct amount into our account via PAYPAL

// CRi J will complete your application after checking your payment. Please understand that this request may take time to complete.
// The full membership goods will be sent in January all at once.

7. Things that you need to be aware of.
[1] You have to join using your own name. If you use another person’s name or a fake name to join, you cannot participate in any JKS fanclub event.
[2] If you are caught selling the fan club membership card and/or full membership goods, we will take legal actions and you will be banned from ever joining princejks.com.
[3] After becoming a member, we do not give refunds in any way, shape, or form.

/ We do not take questions over the phone.
/ Please contact us by e-mail (cri-present@naver.com) for all questions.

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    • Hello friend… So happy to meet another Indian eel ?
      Sorry, but the last date of registering in JKS Official Fan Club has already ended. The registration normally happens in Oct – Dec.
      Plz wait for the next time. ?

      You can keep in touch with me in Jang Keun Suk India FB page. ?


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