[interview] Japanese magazine ≪女性セブン≫

Chinese translation: 杨嘻嘻miyuki_jks @ Sina
English translation: Aphrael77


These fragments of news come from a Japanese magazine ≪女性セブン≫ translated by miyuki_jks.

Part 1

JKS jokes, “if fans are searching for a ‘herbivorous man, carnivorous man’, then I am herbivorous by day and carnivorous by night. And in response to the trendy topic of plastic surgery in Korean showbiz, JKS answers the question in a humorous manner, “Looking at myself in the past feels like looking at my own brother.”

[Aphrael77: “herbivorous” seems to refer to more gentle or homely characteristics while “carnivorous” refers to more predator-like, aggressive characteristics]

Part 2

JKS was born in Seoul on 4 August 1987 and due to his grandfather’s career reaching its peak, the whole family moved to Danyang for the expansion of his grandfather’s business, until JKS was in grade 5 in primary school. In order to understand more about JKS, the reporter went to Danyang to research for information. Neighbours say of JKS, “His round and chubby face in the past was very cute. He liked to use an adorably beseeching tone, and was well-liked by adults.”

Part 3

At that time, his grandfather was in charge of fish farm management and grandmother in charge of preparing meals in the kitchen. JKS’ mother would help his grandmother prepare meals when she had the time. The task of feeding the fish bait was given to JKS. His little hand clutching lots of fish bait and throwing them hard into the pond, JKS was happiest when he saw the fishes jumping and surrounding him [Aphrael77: no wonder he calls fans ‘eels’ and refers to sharing news of himself as throwing out bait!]

Part 4

An ex-worker at the canteen remembers the young JKS. “I have not forgotten what JKS looked like when he was flying by on his bicycle, he’s always filled with energy. After school, he often went to the fish farm and did not mind it when there were customers there. He was often lectured by the adults to stay at one side.

Part 5

Near this street is a clinic, and a female employee says frankly, “Children in the village are generally very shy. If I greet them, they will hide behind (someone) and return the greeting, or answer awkwardly. But JKS wasn’t like that. He was always very confident in saying “Hi, how are you”. So long as JKS was around, it was always especially lively and happy. He is a source of happiness.”

Part 6

When JKS transferred to the primary school here, he became well-known. From a girl in the same grade and school as JKS, “He’s a very handsome city boy. Every day, his hair was combed back neatly with hair gel, but JKS did not put on airs in front of us village kids, and quickly got to make friends with everyone. He was good in sports. When he was running, it was not just his arms and legs moving, even his face was shaking, but he still ran incredibly fast.”

Part 7

Neighbours say of JKS’ mother, “She was a beautiful woman even when seen from afar, and after chatting with her, realized that she is a cute and gentle mother. She has a mild character. Every time after her mother-in-law finished praising her grandson (i.e. JKS), she would go on to say ‘My daughter-in-law (JKS’ mother) cooks very delicious food’ or ‘she is very virtuous’ and such, and often praised her.

Part 8

JKS’ primary school classmates envied him for having such a mother. “Very trendy and pretty mother, now I still remember her! During the sports meet, his mother took out from her handbag a packed lunch box, the likes of which we had only seen before on TV… in the eyes of the children, we thought of her as ‘the rich man’s wife’. This is JKS’ most beloved mother. He often called ‘oma’ as he ran into her arms, and sometimes even beseeched his mother to carry him. His mother would also call him ‘keunsuk-a’.”

Part 9

In 1997, after JKS’ first drama “Selling Happiness”, his next drama “Hug” was already scheduled. From a guy in the same grade, “In school, everyone gave him encouragement. The teacher would also say in the broadcast ‘Today the television drama that JKS is acting in will air at what time, everyone, please remember to watch’.”[laughs]

Part 10

JKS and his mother would take around 2 hours of travelling in order to reach the filming set, and another 2 hours to return home. When they were alone in JKS’ room, his room door would be closed. The day would be a day of reflection. His mother would take on the role of a guide and tell JKS “you should do it this way” or “this feeling would be better at that point” etc.

Part 11

In the late 1990s (1995 – 1999), JKS’ wealthy family ran into financial difficulties. JKS’ parents were busy with their career and had no time to accompany JKS to the filming set in Seoul. “During this time, JKS would carry his own heavy schoolbag and with only 10,000 won (~ US$9.20), he would take the train and subway to the filming set by himself. JKS’ mother could not bear to see her son go through such exhaustion and made a decision to return to Seoul. In order to let her son become a real actor, she enrolled him in a performing arts school in Seoul, and the family of three moved back to Seoul. Although Korean society is based on academics, the grandparents were open-minded. From a family friend, “The grandparents believed that if their grandson really had talent in this area, they should groom his talent over his academics, and hence they sent the family away.”

Part 12

From young, JKS’ mother had told him to “treat people with a genuine heart”, so JKS who had stepped into society earlier than anyone else always displayed the genuine side of himself no matter whom he met. But when he opened his heart 100% to others, he was often seen as a fool by others. Once when he was 10 years old, he trusted too much in someone and was betrayed; after that, he became depressed. Only when JKS grew up did he tell this incident to others. (source from a Korean scriptwriter)

Part 13

Just as his acting career was about to take off, JKS chose to study in New Zealand after his high school graduation. “Of course, I’ve heard him say that he liked learning language since young. His mother was naturally very worried about JKS living alone outside, but from a long-term perspective, it was a form of training, so she did not object. Maybe because JKS wanted to leave Korea, and leave the narrow social space he was in!”

Part 14

In New Zealand, JKS had a happy albeit brief time. No one recognized he was an artiste, and he didn’t have to care about how others looked at him. After senior high graduation, JKS initially planned to go to England to study at a university, but he was invited back to Korea to act in drama “Nonstop 4”. This drama became very popular in Korea and received favourable reviews, and for a period of time, JKS was touted as a promising newcomer. For JKS, even if he started learning after 20 years old, it was still not considered late.

Part 15

Reality is cruel. Before this (Aphrael77: ?), when people heard JKS’ name, there were those who walked past him without any expression. When JKS went out with his showbiz friends, he had experiences where he was the only person whose signature was not requested. “Unable to use language to describe that kind of feeling. Memories buried deep in my heart.” Facing obstacles in his life for the first time, it was a problem that he was unable to express.

[To be continued if the Chinese translator continues!]



Part 1根硕开玩笑的说:举例,如果说粉丝在寻找「食草男,食肉男」的话,那我就「白天食草,夜晚食肉」。还有在韩国娱乐圈流行的整容话题,「(看着过去的自己)感觉像自己的弟弟」居然以幽默的方式回答了问题
part2: 1987年8月4日出生于韩国首尔根硕的爷爷因事业高峰期,为了扩展规模,全家集体搬家至丹阳,直至小学五年级。为了更多了解张根硕,记者前往丹阳取材。「以前胖嘟嘟脸蛋很可爱噢。喜欢撒娇,在街上很受大人们喜爱呐」(当地邻居)
≪女性セブン≫part3 当时祖父负责渔场管理,祖母负责厨房做饭,母亲有空的时候就会帮助祖母一起做饭。给鱼饵的任务交给了根硕。「小小的手里一抓就一大把饲料,用力撒出去,鱼儿都扑通扑通的围了过来,看到这一幕的根硕是最开心的」
≪女性セブン≫part4 过去在食堂工作过的员工回忆起那时的根硕:「那时骑着自行车飞奔的样子一直都没有忘记,一直都充满着活力。放学回家后也经常在渔场转来转去,就算有客人在也不在意,经常被大人训斥道:到一边去
≪女性セブン≫part5 接着在这条街的附近有一家医疗机构,里面的一位女职员真实的诉说道:「农村里的孩子普遍都很腼腆,比如说我说你好,一般都会躲起来跟你问好,或者很难为情的回答你。但是根硕他完全不是这样。一直都很自信的说"你好"。只要有根硕在的地方都会特别热闹和欢乐,他是一个开心果。
≪女性セブン≫part6 根硕转学到这里的小学以后,成了名人。「很都市化很帅的一个孩子。每天头发都固定的用发胶整齐的往后梳…但是根硕没有在我们这群乡下人面前摆谱,很快就和大家打成了一片,他是运动全才,跑步的时候不光手和脚在动,带动脸部一起上下抖动的跑着,但是不可思议的是还跑那么快。」(来自小学时代的同年级女生

≪女性セブン≫part7 根硕的母亲「远看就很显眼的一个美人,聊上之后发现她是一个很可爱很温柔的母亲。这么说来应该性格很温和吧。婆婆也是每次夸完孙子接着就是"我家媳妇做菜很好吃啊"或者"很贤惠"之类的,经常拿出来炫耀」(来自当地邻居)
≪女性セブン≫part8 根硕小学时期的同学都很羡慕他有这样的一位母亲。「很时尚很漂亮的妈妈,现在也记忆犹新!运动会的时候,从随手带了的包里拿出只有在电视剧里见过的便当…在孩子眼里单纯想为"有钱人家的太太"这就是根硕最爱的母亲,经常一边叫着"oma"一边跑进母亲的怀里,有时候还撒娇着叫妈妈抱。母亲也会对着自己的爱子叫道:kuensuga
≪女性セブン≫part9 97年以第一部作品≪幸福也贩卖≫之后,一部叫做≪拥抱≫的电视剧已经排上了。「在学校大家都有给根硕鼓励。老师也会在广播里说"今天有张根硕出演的电视剧几点开始,大家记得看啊"之类的广播(笑)」(来自同年级男生)
≪女性セブン≫part10 根硕和母亲两个人,每次赶片场都要两个小时的车程。然后再花两个小时回来,根硕的房间单独两个人的时候门是关着的。「这天是反省日。"这里应该这样做""哪里这个感觉比较好"各种,这时的妈妈是指导者
≪女性セブン≫part11 90年代的下半年(注:95~99)在这之前一直富裕的一家进入了经济困难期。忙于事业的父母没有时间陪根硕前往首尔的片场。「这个时期的根硕自己背着沉重的包和拿着仅有的1万韩币(约60rmb),一个人坐电车、地下铁,前往片场。母亲无法眼看根硕这么辛苦做了一个决心,返回首尔。」
≪女性セブン≫part11 「为了让儿子成为真正的演员,在首尔市内选了一所艺校,父亲也一起,一家三口搬回了首尔。虽然韩国是个学历社会,但是祖父祖母是个很开明的人,"如果孙子真有这方面的才能,学业第二也没事,将这个才能培养好"持着这样的信念把一家人送走了」(来自根硕家的知情人)
≪女性セブン≫part13 正是被期待演员生涯腾飞的时候,中学毕业后,根硕选择了前往新西兰的高校,「当然,他从小就喜欢学语言,有听他说过。做为母亲让儿子只身在外是非常不忍心的,但是从长远来看也是一种磨练,以至于没有反对。但也可能是根硕想离开韩国,离开这个狭窄的人际空间把!」
≪女性セブン≫part14 在新西兰根硕渡过了己短暂又幸福的时光,没有人认识他是艺人,也不用在意别人的眼光。高中毕业后原本准备前往英国读大学的根硕,因为被邀参演≪nonstop4≫电视剧。但是这部剧在韩国很受欢迎,拍完后好评不断,一时被称为最有潜力的新人。对于根硕来讲「学习20岁以后开始也不晚」
女性セブン≫part15 当然现实是很残酷的,在这之前听到"张根硕"这个名字,那一瞬间,从根硕身边毫无表情绕过,和娱乐圈朋友一起出门,只有自己不被要求签名的时期也有过。「无法用语言表达。隐藏在内心深处的回忆」有生以来第一次直面的挫折,对于根硕来说是无法表达的苦恼。

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  1. Thanks for the english translation aphrael..thank u so much..I dont know if I’ll be able to know those things about him if there are no genuine eels just like you..thanks thanks thanks!! =D now I know him even more,his childhood is really colorful and I can imagine that he is a very cheerful and respectful little boy towards others..

    “In school, everyone gave him encouragement. The teacher would also say in the broadcast ‘Today the television drama that JKS is acting in will air at what time, everyone, please remember to watch’–I really love this part!!hehe..everyone is so good to him!he is well loved by others..

    I admire him more now..despite of the hardships that he encountered when he was just starting his career,he never gave up and proved to everyone that he deserves to be an actor..now that he is already at the peak of his career,I know that there’s still more to come for our prince,he will always shine and will continously receive love from everyone,he deserves the success that he is having right now.

    “When JKS went out with his showbiz friends, he had experiences where he was the only person whose signature was not requested. ”
    –From what he was before,I feel like it made him more stronger and he looked at the things the positive way..

    That little boy who strive hard to be an actor is now a Hallyu star..that little boy who takes the train and subway by himself to go to the filming set is now an Asian Superstar..I remember one of his interview before in Singapore that he said that “He wanted to be Number One in Asia”..and with his status right now..the humble guy finally conquered Asia..(not just Asia but he is already having fanbase in Non-Asian countries..) :))

    Fighting Jang Keun Suk!!!
    In every hardship your EELS are always behind you..

    Thanks again Aphrael..your site is like my newspaper in the morning..I cannot start my day without checking jangkeunsukforever..hehe..=D Take care. ^^

  2. Thank you, aphrael for always giving us english translation 😉 From you, we all eels can know more about JKS.
    I will keep updating from your blog! Waiting for the next translation hahaha 😉
    Fighting! Fighting!!!

  3. Thanks Aphrael77 for this wonderful article. I hope you can do the translation on the continuation of this magazine interview. Very comprehensive & we can learn a lot. 🙂

  4. Thank you so,, so,, so, much Aphrael,,,
    I felt so humbled when i read this article you translated..
    See,, with this story we can say that Sukkie is really an honest man,,
    the sincerity is always there because of his humble beginnings,
    And we are very fortunate to have known someone like him,,
    I hope and wish that everything that is happening to him will continue,,
    All we have to do is to also continue to support him no matter what…
    JKS eels forever!

  5. thanks so much aphrael for the articles…
    i love him even more after finished reading this…
    his sincerity was built since he was a kid, so it reflects through his eyes…(so, that’s why he always searching girl with eyes that reflect gentleness & kind hearted, like his mom!)

    he is energic & never give up (since he is willing to travel 2 hours take subway/train alone.. he is so tough since kids…
    and above those that i mentioned, i really salute with his mom. She is indeed a great mother, she must be showering love to KS in a proper way (not too much pouring, so he’ll not become spoiler kid), and he become like we’ve seen today the one we admire…

  6. Hi girls, I’ll explain the meaning of the expressions “herbivorous/carnivorous man”.
    It’s rather difficult to explain, but I’ll try!
    I don’t know whether it’s happened only in Japan but young men these days are likely to behave themselves more womanly, on the other hand, young women more manly…
    So once the essence of men was regarded as aggressive, ambitious, but now it changed.
    They are not so interested to get ahead in life and hunt girls, instead to live in peace. And their likes are also changes. Many young men are more interested in fashion, interior and sweets which most women like. Also they like shopping rather than playing sports and they look feminine. So Japanese media named the new type of men “herbivorous man (草食系男子 So-shoku-kei danshi in Japanese)” and in contrast, the traditional type of manly man “carnivorous man(肉食系男子 Niku-shoku-kei danshi in Japanese)”.
    Regarding JKS, he admitted that he likes fashion and interior(needless to say, he is sweet and cute and looks more beautiful than even women!!), but also likes girls. So he is two-sided like an “omnivorous man”!!! lol…

    • Ahhhh….. Thanks Tenshi for your detailed explanation, now i understand what it means. 🙂
      And thanks Aphrael for sharing this wonderful article with us. I didn’t even know about all these until now. I am so happy & touched that JKS has achieved so much since young and his mother is really one great mother. So proud of JKS and his family. 🙂

      Now all his eels know that JKS really is a very sincere & genuine man that no one can ever resist his charms! 🙂

    • ooicc…..thanks for the explanation Tenshi!
      i admire his combination of gentle but tough, beauty yet MANLY, aggresive, persuasive but in soft spoken way, love cooking but also love sports…i love men than could make delicious cooking (because they are attractive, smart and patient), and love the sports (the spirit, the energic & sportive), rare person that using his left & right brain properly…what a complete whole packaged that can be found in him!

    • tenshi san (allow me to call u by this name even after I know now the meaning of your name “angel & devil” as u explained ^_^), thanks for the explanation!
      In fact, I’m also amazed that you have a name which was also recently mentioned during Thai TV3 interview on Sukkie.. I always find Sukkie very special as he can play role at both extreme ends like “ying/yang”, “angel/devil”, “herbivorous/carnivorous”, “strong/gentle”,”hot/sexy”, “cute/matured”, “introvert/extrovert” etc… I guess that may be why I find him very very unique & one of a kind artiste…no fix image but strong & good personality

  7. thank u aphreal…
    i see now. for his career, sukkie many also experiencing a difficult thing..
    hopefully now he’s got a lot of things that are fun and will never stress, and hope he can also reduce the habit of alcohol…
    i really like him.. really want him to be successful and happy throughout their lives..

  8. I’m a silent reader of your blog, but this article is really too great for me to stay silent ^^
    Thank you for translating this. I’ve been struggling reading the Chinese translation (only finished part 2 trying to read it on my own ^^;; ) so I really really appreciate your bringing this to the english-speaking eels ^^
    Keep up the good work… hope more translation coming along ^^

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    Those who u like, it’s not all about to know only about them but also to know about them to whom they like.

  10. Thank you so much aphrael … now I understand him more.
    Salute for his mother and his family.
    Also this article so good, like I read his biography, so appreciate for some one who write this.

  11. I am rally touched. For a boy who’s only ten years old at that time to face the cruel society. No matter what, i will always love oppa and i believe that he will always do his best in everything he decided to do. thank you oppa for being in this world, bringing love,smile,and happiness to not only us, eels but also everyone.
    thanks a lot to jangkeunsukforever.com
    and also Aphreal. You did a fabulous job not only by translating it into english and also helping us to know much much more bout our beloved Keun Suk.

  12. Oh! our mother in law (JKS’s mum) has great influence in JKS life. No wonder he is bringing her along during all his Cri shows. JKS fighting! we eels will support you & be with u always.

  13. Aphrael thank you very much for translating this. Very impressed. Certainly he deserves this position. Beautiful and noble-hearted, Jang Geun Suk. My support is in my heart and always be by your side. Saranghae my precious.

  14. This article is just too great! I read somekind of article last year from 10 Asia ( if I’m not wrong ) I know his hardship since he’s young to pursuit his carrier in entertainment industry but this time is more complete version. Love it so much! Thx for the translation! I know I’ll support this boy as long as I live cause he’s one of the kind! *crossfinger*

  15. thank you so much for sharing this article, because of this i felt that i had known our prince jang geun suk for quite a long time. he really is one of the most promising actors known not only in korea but in other countries also. i will keep on supporting and loving him no matter what happens. this article really showcased his kindhearted personality eversince he was a young boy.. he is really like the name of his band in M3 the “WANJEON MUGYUL” because he really is an “ABSOLUTE PERFECTION”.

  16. aphrael77, I’m really really grateful that you’ve translated this background of Sukkie for eels as though I have read bits & pieces of his background & hardship from BaiduSukbar (China), I always hope someone to be able to translate those touching stories… now you have done that to make more eels understand him better!!! ^_^ THANK YOU…

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  19. i remember he said the last part somewhere.. that’s why he keeps saying to his eels “just look at me” coz he’s afraid one day, eels will look at someone else and not see him anymore. he can never get over that experience of being invisible before.

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