[2017-09-28] Tree-J twitter

Thank you for your enthusiastic welcome!

격렬한 환영 감사합니다!

voyage album release event.

Another memory made by lucky winners of the buyers at ZEEP of our memories!

We hope it will be conveyed to everyone we couldn’t meet yesterday and today, too : )
voyage 앨범 릴리즈 이벤트

앨범 구입자 중 당첨된 분들과
추억의 ZEPP에서 만드는
또 다른 추억!

어제, 오늘 만나지 못한
모두에게도 전해지기를 : )

Actor Jang read a 6-year-old-eel fan letter and greeted fans on the stage.

Everyone, can you hear his speech?
tenshi_akuma’s note: He said something like “The reason I can continue working hard to do my best is eels.”

6살 우나기의 팬레터를 읽고
인사를 하는 장배우

모두, 잘 들리나요?

Actor Jang’s autograph we got for 2017 cri-present DVD!

Please check Actor Jang’s message to eels directly seeing the DVD!

As we have a long Chuseok holiday, the release schedule is not fixed yet. But we try to make arrangements to deliver it to you as soon as possible.
2017 cri-present DVD를 위해
장배우에게 받은 싸인!

장배우가 장어에게 보낸 메세지는
DVD에서 직접 확인하세요!

긴 추석 연휴가 있는 탓에
발매일은 미정이지만
하루라도 더 빨리 보내드리기 위한
조율이 계속된다는 것, 알려드립니다!

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