5 thoughts on “[2017-09-01] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Dear Fellow Eels

    I came across this video “Birthday present “JANG KEUN SUK 29”, https://youtu.be/uNdOjceu1_M

    I thought the song was so beautifully sang by JKS.

    Could anyone tell me what is the title of this song? I have almost all the albums of JKS but this song is not included in any of them.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi ladies, so happy to know all eels are so helpful and help each other out ! That’s all bcx of our Prince JKS ! We all devoted to him .To my understandings I think there is no other fan club is doing this ? But JKS is really deserved this with his love and attentions to Eels . Zikzin JKS ❤️❤️We eels will surely support you till the end no matter what !❤️❤️Byebye everyeels have a nice day

  3. How nice you all have provided this wonderful website! I would like to know whether you have an IG account related to JKS then I can follow?


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