[DVD] 2010 Asia Tour (DVD + Poster in Tube) (4-Disc) (Korea Version)

Available on YesAsia, all-region DVD in English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean subtitles, with free postcard and poster.
Expected release date is on 13 June 2011. Cannot resist the temptation ….

Jang Keun Suk – 2010 Asia Tour includes:
Disc 1: Hong Kong Show Highlights and Self-shot Opening Video
Disc 2: Asia Tour 2010 Program Ep. 1-4
Disc 3: Asia Tour 2010 Program Ep. 5-7
Disc 4: Asia Tour 2010 Program Ep. 8-10, Unreleased Footage

This edition comes with a postcard and a rolled poster shipped separately in a protective cardboard tube. DVD and poster shipments may arrive at different times. To go to YesAsia, please click here.

9 thoughts on “[DVD] 2010 Asia Tour (DVD + Poster in Tube) (4-Disc) (Korea Version)”

    • Let me wait for my bonus to arrive end of June, then I work out my budget…. all my non-essential expenses are on JKS!! Spent too much! XD

  1. soo tempting …..
    i been buying stuff behind my parents back LOL….. imma ask they for money anyways lol ……. cause im broke. XD

    • Lol!!! I’m worse off! I’m a parent! Who to ask from? Definitely not my hubby!

      On a different note, I’ve been wondering how it feels like to be his staff… he’s gonna be kept busy picking me up from the floor after constant fainting spree… ofcourse being terminated does not come into the picture…


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