[2017-06-11] CRI-J twitter

[Movie Support] We add coffee truck support!
This time a lot of money was donated to the movie support, we will arrange coffee support as well as food catering service. We prepare about 4~500 cups of coffee every day for 3 days. Dear eels, hank you so much for your a lot of encouragement!

[영화서포트] 커피차 서포트 추가합니다!
금번 영화서포트 모금이 많이 모여져 밥차서포트에 추가하여 커피서포트도 추가합니다.
커피는 1일 약 4~500잔씩 3일동안 서포트합니다.
장어님들의 많은 성원 대단히 감사합니다!

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