2 thoughts on “[2017-05-12] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. It is a good news to hear you may attend the movie,,,The Times of Human,,very hopeful that u can take this film. I feel the content is about controversial both in and outside in korea is very interesting. And it is very suitable for your character. In fact , as I am hk fans. I feel South Korea is sometimes very conservative, not open, just see the tight controls, to the artist ,s image, only do the agency what they want, even in political is also very dark. As in Hong Kong is a freedom , international environment. Artist can do what they want, any dressing, any image also can be produced. People can accept this easily. That,s why I feel u , Asia Prince in Korea is very brave, that ,s why I so love u. U are no fault. Just the living environment control u. So just continuous do what u want, what u like , keep the warm heart .i think in this 2017 u will be more successful. Bless u


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