6 thoughts on “[2017-04-27] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Dear Tenshi, again thank you very much for sharing information about JKS.
    I read the information on this new cigarette, in the link that kindly provided.

    I have read with modesty the following: “According to PMI statements, the IQOS is the result of more than ten years of research and development and about $ 2 billion in investments.”

    Of course I know that each company invests in developing its products, but it is a shame that such an amount of money is invested in an invention that does not bring any benefit to the real evils that afflict humanity.

    Smoking is a vice, and like all vices it is harmful. I respect that JKS smokes, but I would prefer that he stop doing it, for the sake of his health, since he is very important to me. But, it is his private life.

    • Completely agreeing with u sis!!
      Our Prince is a good man, he enjoys smoking n drinking to the fullest.. It’s completely his choice..
      Still not in favour of all these.. Hope a day comes when he can voluntarily stop these.. a big request for dear Sukkie.. ❤❤

  2. Totally agreed with both of you sis we always see some pictures of him smoking and drinking we have no right to against that, but his health is our concerns . He is just like a family member to us,just hope he won’t make it as a habit occasionally is alright for some happy events .We eels love you and support you till the end please take good care of yourself .Byebye ????❤️????❤️????

  3. Hi sis Tenshi, I think I asked this question before I wonder our dear JKS has time to read some of our comments ? As most of our comments are just like talking to him .Everyday the first thing to is to check on jangkeunsuk forever.com to see what our Prince doing and the latest news of him, for that we have to thx sis Tenshi for her hard works of updating his news for our eels ,thx a millions from the bottom of our hearts Byebye everyeels have a nice weekend ❤️❤️????????

    • Our comments are open to read on the internet, so it’s possible that Suk can read them. Since our blog started, we have kept our rules not to post rumors, his private photos and videos (taken secretly without permissions) and illegal ones (taken secretly although it’s prohibited during shows). It’s our way to show our support. It would be so nice that he reads some of them in his free time 🙂

  4. Thx sis Tenshi for your quick response it’s really very nice of you and we show our love to Suk . Eventhough I am a member of the official fan club of Japan but I am a member of the Hongkong one. I will surely support him till the end and respe ct his private life ,as you said if he is happy all his eels will be happy too . Byebye


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