[2017-03-15] Tree-J twitter

170315 GIFT OSAKA 2day Actor Jang is in a meeting! [the meeting agenda 1. What would the Korean lesson by Jang Keun Suk be? 2. Pressure of singing Karaoke on stage 3. A lot of other topics]
170315 GIFT OSAKA 2day 장배우는 회의 중! <회의안건 1. 한글교실의 운명은? 2. 가라오케의 압박 3. 기타 등등>

170315 GIFT OSAKA 2DAY / after FM ended / at the end Actor Jang / the pressure of karaoke / Q. What will you sing tomorrow? (Actor Jang is tottering)

170315 GIFT OSAKA 2DAY / FM 마치고 / 마무리는 장배우 / 가라오케의 중압감 / Q. 내일 노래 뭐할래? (장배우가 비틀거립니다)

Let’s start off with beer! Tori-bee!! (tenshi_akuma’s note: ‘Tori-bee’ is a contraction of ‘Toriaezu beer’ in Japanese to ask a beer to start off with.)
Toriaezu beer! Tori-bee!!
A GIFT that Actor Jang gave himself.

とりあえずビール???? とりビー! 토리아에즈비루 ???? 토리비! 일단은 맥주 ???? 일맥?? 장배우가 스스로에게 건네는 GIFT ????

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