12 thoughts on “[Jap magazine] Korean Wave 45”

  1. oh my! there’s my KMG again…..(lalalala….off to dreamland)

    to those going to bkk for the cri show, enjoy and have a safe trip!

  2. First and Last pictures are the best and for very opposite reasons!

    First picture – an expression looking for some pampering from the girlfriend, asking for a kiss on the lips?! Warm, seeking, sweet yet not too girly (Totally Kang MuGyul in M3!). I think Keun Suk is the ONLY guy who could look perfectly natural being photographed next to a bloom of flower.

    Last picture – an expression of having rushed all the way to come to his girlfriend’s doorsteps, hair wet from sweat and pleased to see her but not wanting to show too much!

    Both are very endearing pictures. How wonderful it is to be the girlfriend at the receiving ends of both these expressive Jang Keun Suks.

  3. omo….he’s soooooo cute. cant help but smiling whenever I see his pics. the 1st pic totally make me fainted again and again and again haha… sukkie totally make us crazy and craving for him


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