9 thoughts on “[2017-02-26] ‪AsiaPrince_JKS ‬twitter”

  1. Suk must b knowing we r missing him toooooo much.. ????????????
    I really wish if he can update his pics each n everyday.. hihi..

    How much handsome he is looking?? I love you my Prince.. ❤❤

  2. He looks very young and skinny now but I do feel he looks a little bit difference , may be he lost his weight too fast .He looked cute when he put on a little bit of weight but that is only my opinion ,anyway he is always handsome no matter fat or skinny the most important is healthy . Hope he can do another drama before he enter the army or some more concerts in the near future may be in China or Hong Kong ??

  3. Hi everyone he is really handsome ,he doesn’t look Korean to me . He looks more Chinese bcx he is 1/4 of a Chinese , hahaha bcx I am a Chinese eel from HongKong

    • He’s 1/4 Chinese? Realy?@teresakwoks
      I’m chinese too????
      Btw, i also think he’s too skinny now, he’s looks more mature if he put on a little weigth.
      Anyway love him no matter what.


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