7 thoughts on “[2017-02-21] ‪AsiaPrince_JKS ‬twitter”

  1. This morning when i got this post I was on my way to class n how can I describe how I was able to control my thumping heart that time.. My heart was totally dugun dugun for this pic.. .????????????????
    I don’t even remember how I came back to my senses.. hihi..
    And yeah it’s true we love u no matter how u look, Sukkie.. ❤
    But very very happy that perfect figure is back..

  2. Oh.. you look so young my prince, so perfect. But please don’t lose weights anymore..you’re already in shape now, take care of your health my precious prince^^

  3. The prince, is really striving to lose a lot of weight. But please do not lose more weight, your health is more important.

    He was so happy with his appearance before losing weight, he looked so healthy, manly, handsome and elegant.

    His best aspect to me is the one he had when he attended the Macau Film Festival. I never tire of seeing him during that event, since he is extremely handsome.

    Now his appearance is also good, but it takes too much effort without needing it. It is not necessary to be so thin, because he is handsome by nature.


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