[24 May 2011] Jap magazine: Shukanjosei

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“I wanna get married sooner than next week…”

It was our exclusive!!!

We went to Korea to see JKS, who has become a craze after “You are Beautiful(YAB)” broadcasted in Japan. In YAB he played a charismatic vocalist of a very popular pop group. And also in his latest featured drama “Marry me Mary (M3)”,which is now broadcasting in Japan, he played a musician.

“I wish I could live like Mu-gyul. He isn’t influenced by money. He lives freely by music alone,” JKS told us the reason why he decided to play the role, Mu-gyul, a vocalist of an indie band.

M3 is a romantic comedy drama, beginning with a fake marriage between Mae-Ri and Mu-gyul to escape from an arranged marriage. In M3, Mae-Ri describes Mu-gyul as a heavy drinker, a women-lover, musician, good-looking, lazybones, and quick-tempered.

–Do you have anything in common with Mu-gyul?

“I like drinking and I’m a little lazy and I like women. But I can’t love more than one woman at a time. lol…”

–What do you think of marriage, one of the themes of M3?

“I’ve never thought of marriage before, but after M3, marriage has increased in realness. If there were someone I love, I would marry her sooner than next week! On the other hand, I might wonder if our marriage would go well or not..
It’s a kind of mixed feeling like my song ‘Let me cry’.”

He answered slyly as modifying the title “Let me cry”, his big hit debut single.

Now it seems that there are none JKS wants to marry sooner than later.
This fact will make us relieved…


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  1. Omo! i love the pictures here! He looks so gorgeous!! esp the 1st picture. heehee.
    so he wants to get married asap!


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