8 thoughts on “[2017-02-14] ‪AsiaPrince_JKS ‬twitter”

  1. Sis, do u know about the cake??
    Have eels gifted it or Prince planned it??
    Waaaahh it looks so beautiful.. “We r under the same sky”.. Really we r so so far from our Star but always feel him like a guy next door.. Happy Valentines Day, my Prince..❤❤

  2. Thx sis Tenshi for sharing, such a meaningful sentence “we are under the same sky ” our Prince understand he has all the supports from his eels time won’t changed and distance too Zinkin our Prince we all love you take good care of yourself Byebye Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you

  3. I really love that phrase. “we are under the same sky.” #candycandy
    ..and i like suni’s look… Heheheh

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Suni wanted a piece, I did too. Happy to be under the same sky. You are very sweet as ever to all beautiful animals big and small including eels, kkkkk. Love you my Sugar as always.


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