[2016-12-31] CRI-J twitter

For eels who came to support for the red carpet event on SBS Drama Award in spite of the cold, Actor Jang prepare coffee~~!!

추운날씨에도 불구하고 SBS연기대상 레드카펫 행사에 응원오신 장어님들을 위해 장배우님께서 커피를 쏘셨습니다~~!!

7 thoughts on “[2016-12-31] CRI-J twitter”

  1. Oooh, I thought these coffees were sponsored by eels to JKS. Omo, he’s so sweet, kind-hearted and very thoughtful T_T Given his busy schedule, he still was able to think of his eels. A personalized statement was also made – “Only for Zikzin Family”. At this point, I really want to be a Korean :”( so we can actually “live in the same sky” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Me too.. I thought these were sponsored by eels but our Prince did it..
      It’s so good that both PRINCE n his eels love each other equally..????????????????

    • Yes…agree I wish I lived anywhere near him to be able to help out our Cri-J eels to support him whenever…wherever
      He takes care of his beloved eels…just like how eels all over the world try to look after him…before and behind him

      • Priya sis – oh, I love that line, “both prince n his eels love each other equally” I think so hihi

        Daryl Lade – yes, I think most of the eels thought of that 🙂 he’s really something!

        Mamacri – same feels here 🙂 JKS is really inspiring! never been so delighted for this new year ahead. JKS brings our lives more meaningful than the usual. He really inspires us in everything that he does… haaay :”)

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