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* It was already late into the night when Jang Keun Suk accepted Easy’s interview, but he did not show any sign of exhaustion despite a full day of gruelling schedule. He was equally lively when it came to talking. Easy is very touched and grateful to JKS for speaking so much in his response to questions, and the little amusing incidents that happened during the interview also swept away the exhaustion of waiting and made the interview a happy one.


Venturing out of Korea and having achieved much success in Japan, Jang Keun Suk is apparently not contented with his excellent results. This talented young man has set his sight on the much broader China region. The contract-signing ceremony in Shanghai on 16 April is still a fresh memory, and JKS’ grand journey is just starting.


Start of journey: Complete conquering of China region

On 16 April 2011, amidst the joyous screams of eels present, Jang Keun Suk’s artiste career in China has successfully taken its first step. In the face of Chinese eels’ unwavering loyalty, JKS is apologetic and feels heart-ache. “Flying from Korea to China only takes more than an hour, it’s such a short distance but I only come here now, I’m really sorry.” Hence, feelings of apology has turned into a drive to work. JKS seems determined to pay back his fans’ unwavering support with concrete action – new album, fan-meeting, photograph book, a Chinese official website and Sina blog. Looking at JKS who is trying all ways and means to shorten the proximity between himself and fans, the Chinese eels have not waited for the wrong man.

Childhood actor: The beginning of Fate

In almost all of JKS’ introductions, mention of his childhood actor background is inevitable. In his debut commercial and television drama, little JKS exhibited a lively ingenuity, but this is not a story about a talented child who loved to perform and henceforth stepped on the path of an artiste. In the eyes of JKS the mischievous kid, the biggest benefit of being a child actor is to have a legitimate excuse to skip school, and being on television seemed like a fun thing. He only realised the significance of performing after taking part in a musical at a slightly older age. Looking back at the young JKS who liked performing because he could skip school, performing seems to be a fated destiny for JKS.

Appearance: I have more important things to do

In possession of absolute beautiful appearance, JKS often gets asked questions related to his looks, such as “Are you a vain person?”, “how do you maintain your looks?” or “do you care much about fashion?” And like all handsome guys who are aware of their handsome appearance, JKS never hides the fact that his appearance is an aspect which he is much concerned about, because to an artiste, maintaining their looks in the best condition is almost a professional requisite. So although JKS often stuns everyone with his multi-changing image and good fashion sense, he thinks that he is not a vain person. “When I was younger, maybe I paid more attention to looks, but since I’ve had my own company, I feel there are more important things to do.”

Music: Another area to soar

In the circumstances of “zilch promotion” as JKS was unable to go to Japan to promote his debut single “Let me cry”, his album achieved sales of 119,000 in its first week of release. To understand how amazing it is for a solo singer’s debut album to achieve this, one needs to realise that in Japan, only Kondō Masahiko has achieved this, and no other Korean artiste has achieved this before. JKS did not expect such good results, and this has further reinforced his determination to develop his singing career. His upcoming first EP “Lounge H the First” to be released in China and Southeast Asia will show more of JKS’ musical style.



Easy: You’re the male lead in “You’re my Pet”. When it comes to love relationship, do you want to be a pet that receives much love, or do you want to shower your girlfriend with love as if she’s a pet?

JKS: I like to be giving, so I probably would shower love on my girlfriend as if she’s a pet. I like to express my thoughts and feelings. If I like it, I like it. If I love it, I love it. I’m always very honest in expressing my heartfelt feelings, and I will also express my feelings through various actions. But I have not been in love before, so I don’t know.

[JKS laughs mischievously. In response to JKS’ little joke, Easy journalist told him directly in Korean that he was telling a lie. JKS didn’t expect that the journalist who had been listening quietly to the translator knew Korean, and JKS clapped and laughed. Caught you, JKS!]

Easy: Then do you have any concrete way of showing love?

JKS: I will carry out many events. In contrast to big events, I would rather focus on the small details. For example, when I’m in love, I would write letters to my girlfriend and give her gifts such as flowers. I like chrysanthemums. If the weather is good and I pass by the florist, I will buy chrysanthemums for my girlfriend. For bigger events, I once borrowed a limousine for a date, and arranged for a conducive environment with good lighting and red wine. This can be considered as a big event.”

Easy: What colour will you use to describe yourself?

JKS: In the past, I used white to describe myself, later it became black. But now I dislike black again. So I will use blue to describe myself.

Easy: What animal will you use to describe yourself?

[Easy thought this is a simple question but it unexpectedly threw JKS into deep thought and he even discussed the question with his manager. His manager suggested that JKS was like a bird because it’s free like JKS and is also quite handsome. But JKS came up with his own answer after some thinking.]

JKS: Leopard. One reason is, I like leopard pattern. Actually it’s because I’m really good at running. If I drink alcohol, I can really run very fast. My manager couldn’t catch up with me, so he always says I’m like a leopard.

Manager: Erm, very energetic.


Easy: Recently, the topic of doomsday is mentioned again. If tomorrow is doomsday, what will you do?

JKS: It it’s doomsday, I want to plant an apple tree. Even though it’s doomsday, I don’t want to sink into despair and abandon myself. A tree represents hope and beginning, so I want to plant a tree, and hope that even if humans die out, the tree can still survive.

Easy: What if doomsday is a month later? Does that change the thing you want to do?

(Just now the manager who joined in the talking started to make fun of the question)

Manager: Will your next question be, what if doomsday happens a year later?

Easy: … … No.

JKS: If it’s a month later, I want to drive around the world and travel. Because if doomsday is coming, everywhere will be chaotic without anyone in charge, then I can drive from Korea to North Korea to China and to Europe, and travel round the world in my car.

Easy: Your fellow colleague in “Beethoven Virus” Lee Ji-ah and Jeong U-seong recently announced their relationship. If you fall in love with someone in showbiz, will you announce it publicly?

JKS: No, absolutely not. Because it’s the two of us who are dating. If it’s announced publicly, everyone will focus on our relationship. It feels like we are being scrutinized by the public eye. Although it’s good to have blessings from everyone, it should be more important to the two of us to protect our relationship.



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  1. Hi Aphrael, do you know if this magazine is published in Taiwan or China? I am getting my overseas friends (Shanghai & Taiwan) to help me buy this. Or is it available in Spore?

  2. wow.. i got to know more about our Sukkie here. He’s really nice ^o^ And he answers very honestly too.. <3

    Thanks Aphrael for sharing this one 😀

  3. I dunno why….I luv his planting an apple tree answer so much…so unexpected answer but so unique n thoughtful *happy sigh* ^^

      • Actually he explained the reason why he named it tree-j drg an interview but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was…

    • I was so surprised by his “apple tree” answer – original and unique!

      a good interview is one where new questions are asked, and we glean more insights to JKS’ thoughts and character ….

      how i wish all the reporters will stop asking for his ideal girl type – I’m so sick of hearing this a dozen times, even if JKS is not sick of answering it!

      • I’m so sick of it too, especially since fans will spin it over and apply it to who they want, so tiring! Everybody knows I’m his ideal type loool!!

        Serisouly though,am I the only one who think is getting more mature in his answers?

  4. After reading this interview and knowing him deeply, I can’t deny my love be truly bigger and bigger… 
    Oh well, what shall I do? There are so many magazines issued over the world!!!

  5. wanted to share this vid with you guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-XfOeBmbC8&feature=related HE’S TO HOT!!!!!!! even thought i don’t understand a word still can’t stop loving him <3 Park shin hye and Jang keun suk make such a good couple, wish to see more about them together. And if someone of you understand this language, i will be very thankfull to that person, if he can somehow translate it in english.

  6. I love reading / listening to his interviews ’cause he’s very witty 😀 he always make sure that they are having a fun conversation.

  7. Even after all these years…this interview is so meaningful…he has not change a bit…only matured..
    It hit me reading about his debut single since it was recently in the news about the record being broken by EXO.
    I didn’t know he had not been able to promote this!!!!!!!!!!!! (don’t know the reason)
    and still got to break a very meaningful record of 30 years…being a SOLO and a DEBUTING singer (first time ever)…that’s the power of GEUNCHAN… (in my mind it makes the recordbreaking a bit laughable because the group is not a rookie group and they were highly promoted…)


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