[How to watch] 2016 SBS Drama Awards on December 31st, 2016

Finally the day has come! Our Jang Keun Suk, great actor and MC is going to appear in 2016 SBS Drama Awards on December 31st, 2016. The award festival starts at 21:00 (Korea local time), but we hope to see his walking on the red carpet before that, too. Already several links shared on the internet, but unfortunately some links don’t work for eels living in some countries. We share some here. We hope you can glimpse his appearance through the internet to wrap up 2016 🙂
1. http://www.ybcxz.com/index_main_12.php
2. https://aqstream.com/sbs/SBS
3. http://tv.idol001.com/video_live.php?id=584b7057cd4e7072408b4c12
4. http://www.hanyutai.com/sbs.php?mobile=no
5. http://www.521tv.net/
6. http://www.zzkorea.com/tv.php?viewtype=sbs
7. http://www.shiting5.com/tv/sbs.html
8. http://www.92flvtv.com/live/krtv/sbs3.php
9. V-LIVE SBS-DRAMA-AWARDS-REDCARPET *The red carpet starts at around 19:00

8 thoughts on “[How to watch] 2016 SBS Drama Awards on December 31st, 2016”

  1. Very excited for today..
    Just cancelled every work for today for watching Prince live..
    Waaaah really imagining how will he dress up today??

  2. Kamsahamida for the link. I would love to see my Jang Keun Suk on screen again also I would love to see my favourite couple from Scarlet Heart drama 🙂

  3. so happy to see Geun Suk & Geun Young link arms walk out together to present Han Suk Kyu the top honor of the Daesang or Grand Award – lets hope they will be reunited for the next drama


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